Deputy Prosecutor General (BS-18)

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  . r:, -.,.1.:rni.-: .r,ti., jr:::r:rar:,rr:l *'. tr\ sYLLABUS FOR. THE POST OF DEPUTY PROSECUTORS GEI{ERALCrim-linal Law-tr1 Proceduie ( 100 marks) t pbiective 25 & subiective 751 1. lurisdiciion of courts, poWei's of the police, lnvestigation procedures, trial processes, initiation of prosecutions, nientslevel of harm 3 Pardon) 5, Types of police reports, discharge of 6. Appeals and revisions (procedure and \ 7. Probation and Parole Laws B. Law related to luveniles 9. Witness protection10.High Court Rules & Orders related to Criminal l-1. Supreme Coutt Rules ) /t , General principle of criminal law( intentionrea, actus rea, abetment, conspiracy) . General ExcePtions Offences in PPC and ATA, 1997 . : ir, urgi n g sta nd a rds issu ed by tle .lPjl.ylot cen3r, 1,^ n-y1 au corrJption offences ( PCA, L947, NAB Ordinance 1999 etc)Cybercrime offences Narcotic offences (control of Narcotic substances Act, Lgg7, of Hudood Ordinances, L979) B. Section 27 of Drugs Act, 1976 e ninrinal Law, IU: Evidence ( 100 marks) t qhiective 2S U subiective 251 1. Relevancy and admissibilitY 2, Primary and secondary evidence 3, Direct and indirect evidence 4. Circumstantial evidenbe . 5. Proof( Standard and Burden of proof) 6. Admissions and confessions 7. Dying Declarations 8. Scientific evidence( its types and lts value) 10. Identification Parade constitutional griminal Lawr ( tOO marks) t ebieqtt,IP.25 a i4bi9etlvie 7,?l ' 'ed tg procedure (right 'to be dealt with in 1' constitutional provisions relatr rf man, privacy, protectionaccordance with law, liberty, fair trial, dignity c against retrospective punishment, protection against self incrimination and 1. 2,3 4 567 ',| L' i,' tl Z. Principles of 4. Prosecution ( evidence, withdrawal case5, ,r:  ; t, ' double punishment, freedom of movement, fre,edom of assembly, freedom of association, freddom of speech, information, religion) Z. Writs jurisdiction in criminal law 3. Preventive Detention ':' : Emqlish (50 Marks) 2. Comprehention ( zo maiks; \ 3. Precis writing (10 marks) 1. Code of Criminal Procedure, t89B Z. Pal<istan Penal Code, 1860 3. t[nti-Terrorism Act, 1997 4. Control of Narcotic Substances Act, f997 5. Qanun-e-shahadat Order, 1984 6. The Prevention of corruption Act, L947 read with Punjab Anti-corruption Establishment Rules, 2014 7. NAB, Ordinbnce 1999 B. The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 9. Punjab Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd) Order, 1979 10, Constitution of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan , L973 (Articles 4,9,10,10' A,LL,LZ,13,L4,L5,L6,L7, g,Lg.A,Zo,2L,27,45,143,1B5,L99,2QZ)11.Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service Act, 2006 12. Code of Conduct for Prosecutors publically available on the website of CPS 13.Charging Standards issued by PGP from time to time and publically available on the website of CPS, 14.The Probation Of Offenders Ordinance, 1960 15,West Pal<istan Probation Of Offenders'Rules, 1961 16,The Good conduct Prisoners'Probational Release Act, 1926 17.The Good conduct Prisoners'Probational Release Rules, 1927 18, Medical Jurisprudence & Applicatipn of Forensic Science to Criminal cases 19.Juvenile Justice System Ordinance,' 2000 20,The Punjab Maintenance of Public order ordinance, 1960 21.Police Order, 2002 (Articles 18,111 ,1 4,L34,L35,136,137,155,156,157,167) & Police Rules, 1934 (Chapters K(V to IWII) 22, High Court Rules & Orders 23. Supreme Court Rules 24. Drugs Act, 1976 25. Witness Protection Law 2'l s,-' ** li .tI I -t'
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