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Design Bdr for load peb

peb load carrying capacity
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   Load calculations for live , dead and crane loads Frames 5 m c/c3.6m Φ = 22.86° 10kN50kN7.8m28.2 m0.849m 0.849m5.792m 50kN17.08 m 17.08 m  Frame Elevation Plan Load Calculations Dead Load on roof (including self weight accidental load etc.)0.4kN/m2Live Load on roof 0.52kN/m2Crane capacity50kNCrane girder weight8.33333kNCrab (trolley) weight10kNColumn height7.8mRafter rise3.6mSpacing between frames5mSpacing between rafters1.57mDead load/m run on rafter0.628kN/mLive load/m run on rafter0.8164kN/m Span of building(length) 28.2m Span of building(width) 17.08mSpan of bracket projection0.849m DC EA GB FB FB' F'  Effective span of EOT crane15.382mWheel base along girder3.8mHeight at which EOT crane bottom is fixed5.792mVertical load on gantryThe weight of the crane is shared by two portal frames.At the crab,the reaction on wheel due to the lifted weight and the crab can beobtained by taking moment about the centre line of the wheels.(pointB)The extreme position of crane hook is assumed as 1m from thecentre line of rail. The span of crane is approximately takenas15.382m. And the wheel base along the gantry girder has beentaken as 3.8 m.(50+10)/2 = 30 50/2 = 257.691 m15.382 mR B R F Reaction at F14kNReaction at B41kNTo get maximum wheel load on a frame from gantry girder BB',taking the gantry girder as simply supported.41 kN 41 kN3.8 m5.791 mR B' R B centre to centre distance between frames5mImpact factor25% B F1 mB' F  Maximum wheel load @ B63kNMinimum wheel load @ B22.4kN Tranverse load (surge) Lateral load per wheel1.5kN(i.e Lateral load is assumed as 5 % of the lifted load and weight of the crab acting on each rail)Lateral load on each column2.33kN(By proportion)  Dead Load  Replacing the distributed dead load on rafter by equivalent1.7877kN  concentrated loads at two intermediate points corresponding to purlin locations on each rafterUdl x span / 6  Live Load  Replacing the distributed live load on rafter by equivalent2.324kN  concentrated loads at two intermediate points corresponding to purlin locations on each rafterUdl x span / 6 Crane Load  Maximum Vertical load on columns63kN(acting at minimum eccentricity of 600 mm from column centreline)Maximum Moment on column38kNmMinimum Vertical load on column22.4kNmMinimum moment on columns13kNm(acting at minimum eccentricty of 600 mm from column centerline)To find the total moment @ B and @ F we have to consider themoment due to the dead load from weight of the rail and gantrygirder.Let us assume weight of rail0.30kN/mLet us assume weight of gantry girder2.00kN/m  Total dead load on the column5.75kNMoment at B and F3.45kNmTotal moment @ B41kNmTotal moment @ F17kNm Crane load  Moment at B41kNm Horizontal load @ B2.33kN  Moment at F17kNm Horizontal load @ F2.33kNm
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