Design Optimization

Design Optimization
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  LflW6iVflhnnHaprox ScFoot : Ergineering nd ne Bui,t rv,ronment ASSESSMENT RIEF Module ille: Design Optimisation -Module Code: ET2007Component umber: 2ot2 Element umberj 1of1Weighting: 50%Deslgn Anatysls projectLeaming Outcomes o be assessedl1. Apply ystematic esjgn echnjqles o solve ornplex esign roblefts2. lmprove nd optimize he performance fengineerjng omponents nd- s\,slems3. Apply cientific ethods o simu,ate ngineering ysten]s- se of;ndustryslan0ard oltwareMarkjng Crileria:See Assignment rief The ninimLm ass nad( or his elemenvcomporenr s DS.lflhis s an elemenr, ou witt ass he modute fyo ecrieve minimum raoe t E4 or his e,ement nd anaverage grade of D5 or 0'e \Niote component. Assignment anded ut Week 8 Latest ate or submission: Weet< 3 I i r { p€signments submitted ttsr he deadtine nd wihout an althorjsed exienEion t time wil be marked FO. Please mark your assignmont oa he aftehtion of: Kadda You should make l very crear whal sources oi infomadon havo been used; wher€ material,,intomaton om hesesources qlorod t must b€ creadv ererenced sin 01e a^€d Rererenclns vstem. D t rr - iiii6Li,i.. -.eaming enires). The assignment must be handed n to St dent Registry, City Campus.A signed eceipt must be obtained hen he assignfients re submitied. ou should keepyour receipt n a safe place.You are advised o keep your own elecironic ,hafd, copy of any work submitted.  NIODULE ET2OO7DESIGN OPTIMISATION Assignment Design f a Clamping Vice and Sensitiyify tudiesClamping ices ome n all shapes nd orms. The majority, however, onsists frwo pans:1) A main curved C shaped racket with a stop at ol1e nd and a screwedconnection t the other, and2) Ar engaging crew hat pushes he held pad against he stop.A t)?ical example s shown s shown n the attached igure and he definition fthevarious ariables ssociated ith the design ogether /ith the stress ystems ill beexplained n class when he assignment riefis released.The objecrives l-rhis ssignment s o use ProMechanica o:a) Pedorm a standard FE aralysis n the componentb) Appreciate he concept fde-featudag IId ts mplicationsc) Perform sensitivity tudies o assess ow selected esign ariables an affectthe component esponseBy cilbpr considsringa eal device r by ooking up a manufacture 's ataloguejdecide our geometry rd model t in ProE. Onlyone size eeds o be selected. orthe starting model, all features f the soLid model need o be ncorporated.f5 marks)For the main part ofthe exercise, our tasks need o be complete . ' -) Taskl: Perform staq4ard tatic nSELSPro Mechanica: 1) Define he boutrdaries onditions: ome may be obvious ut explanationsare needed s o how rigid body motion can be prevetrted.2) Chose realistic material rom he soliware ibrary and report heproperties hat are relevant o the analysis ;3) Decide he oad evels o apply and eport heir magnitudes4) Run the atral)sis and note he contents of the files accessible nderSummary nd Log while he anallsis s progressing.5) Perform a post processing ession y nvestigating tress nd displacementcontour plots.6) Produce ome ard copies fthe plots o nclude n the report. (30 marks)Task2r De-featurineNext, study carefully our solid model and decide whether here are eatures hichhave ittle or negligible nfluence n he overall strength nd lexibility performance  ofthe device. uppress hese eatures n tu.n in Standard nd rg_do he anal)sisperformed nder Taskl for each uppressed eature. Compare .utt. uoj oor rrt.r ne ntes ccessed nder Summary nd Log. Report ith cornments.(20 marks)Task3 Sensitivity tudiesfo assess ow djfferenL esigl ariables ffecL he componenl esponse saccomplished y doing eositivit] Ludies. o do-so, r ariable s selected nd givena range ofvalues over which t can vary. The software will then calcutate herelevant tress nd displays he results n graphical orm.To.address his pa ofthe assignment atisfactorily, ou are strongly adyised ofollow he methodology sed n one of rhe a-class utorials. D rtl;';;_ ;;should et your arget strcss r displacement evels o reasonabi. J*.i ]*. r *ffon-Mises o no more han 50% he material yield strength r di.pful _ rrl to oomorc than mm per l0 cm grip length). lso, ry to keep you, uuiiubl . to l*itt ro umanageable umber no more han J ) and heir range oivariation o v/ithin l0% ::ll jl,t:_.,liil 1i::. As a sta^rting usgestion, ou ould onsider he ollowitrs varllDt68trumum hickness f lhe section2) Radius ofcurvature at the comels3) Length of member nomal to the screwed onnection.Comllete hese tudies nd produce he data n graphical orm. Discuss ourresults nd proyide comments.(40 marks)Attendatrce o the practical sessions nd he production fa well presented eportcarry 3 tota q 0 marks.For ssue nd hand-in dates, ee ssigment iont covet.Dr Kadda Yahiaoui  \ 1q :-R r: r u j .t.4.::; \? ,: lt:J: fr E, t ai aThese are slep one and step wo I createdon (PorE). n first stepI created nly endone and \\'0, butsecond teps eturnsuit:rble alues
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