Developing a new Digital Editorial Idea

Project for the workshop From Pages to Bit : the purpose of the project is to create a business idea using digital tools to provide a news or enternteinment service, related to the publishing industry. The idea is focused on a sport portal where the content is created, graded and selected by the users, using a community platform.
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  SPORTALIST  The Site The Idea Offering & Value Price Role Promotion User Profile The Community  The Idea !   Online national sports commentator platform !   Community for fans to engage with each other about the sport universe !   Opinion-based posts about: !   Sports, Teams, Matches, Championships, Tournaments, etc. !   Each posts can be: !   Rated, ‘Liked’ or ‘Disliked,’ commented on, and shared via social networks !   Homepage posts will be featured by like/dislike and the number times shared !   Starter location: Italy !   Expand to other geographical areas once foothold is created  Offering & Value !   User benefits: !   Opportunity to become the sports commentator !   Community of sports fanatics !   Establish unique profile !   Platform thrives off of: !   Fans Passion (Clip) !   Desire to be immersed in the game !   Bring fans closer to the sports/players/managers etc. !   A new platform for potential investors (advertisers, etc.) to engage the fans with


Jul 23, 2017
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