Developing Tourism In Nigeria

1. Developing Tourism in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities 1 2. Introduction Prior to the emergence of tourism as a key sector in Nigeria, Crude Oil, including its…
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  • 1. Developing Tourism in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities 1
  • 2. Introduction Prior to the emergence of tourism as a key sector in Nigeria, Crude Oil, including its derivatives, had been and has remained a prominent feature of Nigeria’s external sector; and by implication, the main stay of the country’s economy. •Nigeria is regarded as West Africa's economic giant, contributing over 40 percent of West Africa's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and presents investment opportunities in different sectors of the economy. •Nigeria is an emerging economy that is hard to ignore and recently launched what it termed the ‘Vision 2020 Project’, intended to make Nigeria one of the strongest emerging economies by the year 2020, on the scale of the progress achieved by India and China. 2
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  • 4. Nigeria and Tourism Development •Nigeria as an African emerging market economy has correctly identified the fact that tourism has the potential to catapult it to the first rank of emerging market economies and is making giant strides towards the achievement of its goals and objectives. Tourism is expected to play a major role in achieving this goal. •Recently, the Nigerian Government stated in its Mission Statement that ‘Tourism’ is one of the priority sectors of Nigeria’s economy. However, since the Nigerian Government has boldly stated an irrevocable commitment to tourism, one must expect several challenges at this crucial stage of the development of the sector. Indeed, it is the challenges existing in the course of realising this goal that form the basis for my research. 4
  • 5. Tourism is stated as being a well established phenomenon across Africa and the Middle East; and despite political instabilities demonstrates remarkable resilience. As well as being a major economic force and a key driver for development, tourism is also an important mechanism for social exchange and identity building at both the individual and regional /national levels. Recently, the rate of tourism development has increased substantively. Multinational investments in hotels, resort complexes and infrastructure, together with major heritage conservation projects are catalysing significant social changes, environmental changes and re-shaping new regional and international relationships. In the drive to develop tourism, culture(s) and heritage are being mobilised, landscapes and lives are being transformed, and traditions renegotiated. Tourism can thus be defined as the new economic driver that can simply not be ignored. 5
  • 6. Research Issues My Research Topic is therefore aptly titled, Developing Tourism in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities. With this in mind, one main research question will be considered in the course of my research: 1. What challenges and opportunities can Nigeria expect to capitalise on in achieving its goal of developing tourism as its key sector? 6
  • 7. Initial thoughts on methodology •I have read Nigeria’s Tourism Development Masterplan and have discovered that this plan presents us as a nation with several critical issues in its implementation, hence my research. Naturally several other research materials also point in this same direction and it is my intention to employ the many resources available in concluding my research. •I intend to employ the use of Literature Review as my main research method. I shall collect data from the many sources available both within and outside Nigeria and rely extensively on them; critically examine and analyse available data and statistics, in consonance with the tourism strategy the country wishes to implement. I expect my research to throw up the facts and figures required to complete this study; reveal what the expectations of people are for the sector and finally focus on ways to overcome the inherent challenges faced. 7
  • 8. Tourism in Nigeria: Facts and Figures Analysis of Data • Statistics of tourist arrival; • Tourist resources: Accommodation, Amenities and Access (the 3As); • Economic importance of tourism; • Administrative structure for tourism 8
  • 9. Tourism Challenges and Opportunities •The challenges: image, marketing, human resources, institutional framework, finance, etc. •Opportunities: will focus on ways to overcome the above challenges 9
  • 10. Conclusions and Implications The value of carrying out this research In summarising, I expect my research to contribute to the development of tourism as a major sector in Nigeria, provide theoretical reference and future directions for its successful implementation. 10
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