Diabate v University of Minnesota Complaint

Diabate v University of Minnesota Complaint
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  iL\t \j )41qffirt: l1ltt LTNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MINNESOTA A nmry u c, D/A ffBiPrui tnto' ultr'ive K,g tyg l- ttt ttl frt ESel-^ TVrr [v - C-t'T't'L Case No. (To be assigned by Clerk 4 trt Lt rn Z. . ift xtO DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL turF NofI Defendant(s). (Enter the full name(s) of ALL defendants in this lawsuit. Please attach additional sheets if necessary). COMPLAINT PARTIES 1. List your name, address and telephone number. Do the same for any additional plaintiffs' a Praintirr AtVAluU C: Name SJ AB ffiU ,\ ^r f lI 6C Street Address S O counry,ciry Mttrt Ll€h[>0 LIS ffi state&zipcode r U^/ - 55+l(^,, I ,urrr2014 rerephoneNumberL6l i )377-7Oby n luuo,*urs*l E'Y4q;l^ (wd^ d<Qa;+ gYnhuc' h '{ CASE 0:14-cv-02974-MJD-JJK Document 1 Filed 07/22/14 Page 1 of 9  2. List all defendants. you should state the fullname of the defendant, even if that defendant is a government agency, an organization, a corporation, or an individual. Include the address *h r each defendant may be served. Make sure that the defendant(s) listed below are identical to those contained in the above caption. a. Defendant No. 1 Name ufu (vtr{; L7 Y otr MMUfrcru streetAddress Lvltr C-c>Yno Avr- S b county,city /Y t M At ErtA qtAS State&zipcode 4X f+/,7 ^ - r ^\. b DerendantNo2 'V MAJ lCLk lSUtL,D) /v(y ;:,Address 26o wi LLI'Iu sQnr l/nt ( counrv,c*v tfrruL/cftp cLl -{ State&Zipcode ' vv ,q A/ .' SS+ 53 ' C Z 13 c DerendantNo 3 iv Lt t '4^, E{U g, Name d^'WYrtr^-V*il^Kc StreetAddress ; I t counry,c*y / SE-Y^g- MW-N State& zipcode L UMM ErrlYW NOTE: IF THERE ARE ADDITIONAL PLAINTIFFS OR DEFENDANTS, PLEASE PROVIDE THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESSES ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPI Check here if additional sheets orp p., r. tiu rr.a,|\4. V M M Q\/n,l& Please labet the attached sheets ofpaper to correspond to the-appropriate num paragraph above (e.g. Additional Defendants 2'd',2'e', etc') CASE 0:14-cv-02974-MJD-JJK Document 1 Filed 07/22/14 Page 2 of 9  JURISDICTION Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. Generally, two types of cases can be heard in federal court: cases involving a federal question and cases involving diversity of citizenship of the parties. Under 28 U.S.C. $ 1331, a case involving the United States Constitution or federal laws or treaties is a federal question case. Under 28 U.S.C. $ 1332, a case in which a citizen of one state sues a citizen of another state and the amount of damages is more than $75,000 is a diversity of citizenship case. 3. What is the basis for federal court jurisdiction? (check all that apply) fru.u*al Question State of Citizenship: State of Citizenship: State of Citizenship: nDiversity of Citizenship 4. If the basis for jurisdiction is Federal Question, which Federal Constitutional, statutory or Attach additional sheets of paper as necessary and label this information as paragraph ,Fr-l Check here if additional sheets of paper are attached. ll 6. What is the basis for venue in the District of Minnesota? (check all that apply) ffio * Oant(s) reside in Minneso, Frl?;;Xlleged below primarily occurred in wFWYi,h,((/Wfl/ vn /111,[ nwcla STATEMENT OF THE CLAIM Describe in the space provided below the basic facts of your claim. The description of facts should include a specific explanation of how, whete, and when each of the defendants named in the caption violated the law, and how you were harmed. Each paragraph must be numbered tr.eaty right is at issqe? List all that apply. \ 5ffiiffiU'V 4;tU Yh - Yv ) \\ 0w u ru TRwS@ n f,vrbfituA rnd- hnR' w /WM,n 5. If the balis for jurisdiction is Diversity of Citizenship, what is the state of citizenship of each party? Each Plaintiffmust be diverse from each Defendant for diversity jurisdiction.Plaintiff Name:Defendant No. 1: Defendant No. 2: CASE 0:14-cv-02974-MJD-JJK Document 1 Filed 07/22/14 Page 3 of 9  s eparately numbered paragraph. 7 =\. ALyrllM :il:Jl;::'i T;'T ff ilH::llllll'illh*..rffi,,h_ ^,lJA # n Please label the attached sheets of pape 7, 11, l-tt /v v t tL In^l-/+gugWn*Cdlh I, r/.e/ $r_\fy, is;?n,i q.q W ( (* y^W ,^,t /1,i ntnmPffi^ j W,wdWW, Wrt @A4n/,frTt,olU / .L'\ryJfu M', GA ft4il,I-rr t, O lV *th^l,k,, Y ''a' or F separately, beginning with number 7. Please write each single set of circumstances in a paragraphs consecutively.REQUEST FOR RELIEF State what you want the Court to do for you and the amount of monetary compensation, if any, you are seeking. CASE 0:14-cv-02974-MJD-JJK Document 1 Filed 07/22/14 Page 4 of 9
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