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Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital marketing Metrics
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  Digital Media Analytics and Tools H.M.R.S.S. Gunawardana Department of Marketing Management University of Kelaniya @hmssameera   Introduction    In a digitized world it is important to know how consumers consumed the context and how they act upon on it. ◦ Customer Tastes and Preference are very much important for business  Digital media is great at creating data about who you are, what you like and dislike and where you’ve  been online .  Customers are involving in ◦ Paid media- media channels that a brand pays to utilize . ◦ Owned media  –   This   is a generic term for any media asset or platform that a company owns, controls, and utilizes to reach a prospective audience ◦ Earned Media- Some say it’s new; others think it’s simply a new label for what public relations professionals have historically called free media ,something generated by word of mouth, buzz, or a communication “going viral.”    Converged Media  Three things that you should know  Behavior  —   This is the most critical component of goal setting. Are you trying to increase awareness with your target audience, or are you trying to get your target audience to take some sort of action? Take a moment to sit down and write out what your desired behaviors are from the program.  A mount of change —   It is important to identify how much you want the behavior to change. It can be expressed as a raw number (for example, the number of new people entering a store is expected to go up by 5,000 customers) or as a percentage (for example, the number of new people entering a store is expected to increase by 10%).  Time —   Every goal should have a time element. Whether it is a year, a month, or a week, professionals should be looking to identify how long the program or campaign will last.


Jul 23, 2017
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