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   Location Visual Audio Green Screen Studio Anchor: Francesca Georgiou Fran is in the virtual studio - Standing?   - Small Graphic on screen left top corner with Tekkers TV logo I’m Francesca Georgiou and you’re watching Tekkers TV  Title Sequence TBC Tagline –  TBC Music TBC Studio Fran is in the virtual studio, Graphics rolling strapline at bottom of screen? Today were looking at the world of Roller Derby. It’s one of the fastest growing female sports around , but it’s still a sport you might not of heard of. But first, Pole Dancing, something you’d normally associate with strip clubs, is becoming increasingly popular among women wanting to stay in shape, but can it be classed as a sport? I visited a Rochester Pole fitness centre to find out more about it and see what they are doing to try and change this stereotypical perception. Pole Persona - Medway Low shot looking up at a pole dancer spinning on a pole, darkened shot, sexy, slow movements. FRAN (Narration): When you think of pole dancing, most of you will be thinking of this…   However it’s also a great way to get fit and for many women a way to embrace their femininity. So what exactly is pole fitness? Angie… explain what pole fitness is… Fran v/o So what makes pole fitness different from other keep fit methods Interview with Angie Intercuts Angie: discussing pole fitness  Marie, Pole Fitness Instructor with interview with relevant cutaways –  Doubles pole dance, fitness aspect of classes –  sit ups etc, benefits of physical and mental health. Interview with Class participant Audio from beth interview –  discussing how the class makes her feel, Headlines and quotes from feminists about pole fitness –  the other side (twitter, Blogs etc) Interview clip of Psychology today discussing the sports degrading aspects. Fran’s narration: Feminists have argued that Pole fitness cannot be seen as empowering to women as it is degrading but these women see it a little differently. Angie/Beth interview ….  Fran Pole fitness participants across the world are on a huge push for it to be recognized by the Olympics and become one of the events at a future games. But it still beings the question is pole fitness really a sport? Fran V.O Virtual pop up definition of a sport If the definition of a sport is…. `an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another for entertainment.’ Then its fair to say that pole fitness is certainly ticking all the right boxes. It may not be long before we see tricks like this at the Olympics. Fran in the virtual studio It’s not often you find something that’s dominated by women, but here is a sport that’s breaking down these barriers. Roller Derby! With its popularity at an all time high we sent our Reporter Jamie Terry to find out more.   Jamie Live I’m here in Herne Bay with the Kent Roller Girls to find out what’s making roller derby the fastest growing female sport in the UK and what it feels like to be a part one that’s been created, owned and managed by women. So lady killer what is it that attracted you to the sport?  Do you think that’s why its becoming so popular? …  What makes it different to other sports?.. And what is it do you think has made this sport dominated by women? Interesting… so lets look at the girls in action and find out a little more on how it all works. VT –  showing a slowmotion game in action to easily show the rules of the sport. In 2006 there were 2 roller derby leagues in the uk, by 2011 it had grown to 72 and with more and more joining each year its showing no signs of slowing down. Roller derby is a fast paced sport played by 14 players on each team, with 5 players on the court at one time. The aim of each bout is for the jammer –  (freeze frame) to get past the opposing teams blockers (freeze frame) and therefore earning points. New members or ‘fresh meat’ can expect to learn the basics of skating and how to fall without causing too much damage. If their good enough they can then expect to get a skate name such as jocamotion and demi lition, as is the tradition. sh So now we’ve seen you in action and heard a few more of your ali as’s or nicknames. How did your’s  come about? What do you think of…   (jamie’s alias either given to him or made up by danny - Jamie lee Hurtus?) for me? How about a quick beginners lesson?   As you can see it  ’ s harder than it looks. Jamie … reporting for Tekkers TV. Back to Fran in the studio. Fran Virtual Studio Sign off Lights dim
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