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Slide deck for David Warwick from bwired presentation on Unleashing the Power of Social Media at the Melbourne Digital Imaging Marketing Association DIMA #tds2012 conference on 25 May 2012.
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  • 1. Unleashing the power of Social Media David Warwick DIMA – Digital Image Marketing Association 25 May 2012 @drwarwickExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 2. Agenda Structure and History TRENDS What’s happening – search and social media drivers METHODS Discovery strategies and real-world examples CONTROL Using Social Media – frameworks to optimize controland deliver outcomes QUESTIONSExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 3. Experience. Capability. Technology
  • 4. DISCOVERY ENGAGEMENT INTERACTIONExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 5. Experience. Capability. Technology
  • 6. Experience. Capability. Technology
  • 7. What is Social Media doing? Structure and History Nearly universal literacy is a defining characteristic of modern civilization. Nearly universal authorship will shape tomorrows! Denis Pelli& Charles Bigelow A Writing Revolution Capability. Technology
  • 8. Growth in authorship Structure and History People are trading privacy for influence! Trends Books: x10 per century for 6 centuries | New media: x 10 per year for 6 years Source: Denis Pelli& Charles Bigelow … Capability. Technology
  • 9. Assets Structure and History SEARCH SOCIALExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 10. Sydney Structure and History SEARCH SOCIALExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 11. Pagerank Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 12. Search context Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
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  • 14. TOOLS & LANGUAGE OWNERSHIPExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 15. Dealing with confusion … Structure and History Problem Toolsenter emerging space en masse. Effect Complexity of market requires decisions on ‘where to play’ and ‘where to spend’. Action Market analysis and single point of management are required by both businesses and individuals. Outcome and solution Publishing, listening, measuring and management applications appear and have their own proliferation cycle! Source: Knowem … Capability. Technology
  • 16. Listening Post Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 17. Persona Structure and History Steven is a 38 year old, third generation farmer in Geraldton WA. He grows wheat, barley and canola as a break crop. He has been using a laptop since 2008 and upgraded to a Smart Phone in 2011. Managing over 3,000 hectares, studied agricultural science and then travelled before returning to the family farm. He takes agronomic advice but likes to back up major decisions with his own research and often makes suggestions to his agronomist and farm staff that is well informed and progressive. Steven is a pragmatic and opportunist user of online services. Steven only accesses the Internet as required for the farm or in connection with hobbies, travel and sports. He has however developed an online routine that includes some combination of morning (mostly email), evenings (general use and finance) and wet days (more broadly exploratory). In an instance where Steven is searching for information, he Gender = Male immediately defaults to Google as a practical and practical Age = 38 pathway to crop, product and most other ‘non-routine’ online Location = Rural content. Education = Bachelor Degree (40%) Internet = Broadband Time Online = 6hrs per weekExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 18. Persona Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 19. Lexicon Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 20. Protocol Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 21. Measure Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
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  • 23. What is happening with mobile? Structure and History Some other things are changing …Experience. Capability. Technology
  • 24. Facebook Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 25. Experience. Capability. Technology
  • 26. Channel (SM) Understanding Structure and History NETWORK Is about equity, reciprocation and respect PENETRATION Is about value and interest VALUE Is about strength of network, quality of connections and resulting action TIMEFRAME Networking is a slow build, long burn activity that needs ongoing effortExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 27. Siemens Structure and HistoryExperience. Capability. Technology
  • 28. Getting Outcomes Structure and History WORKSHOP Information discovery and object setting PERSONA(S) Target audience descriptions (key behaviours) LEXICON Corporate discoverylanguage resource SEARCH SET Volumetric SEO and SEM key phrase set TEMPLATE Content drafting and editing framework POLICY Short-form policy statement and/or review ROADMAP Recommended deployment strategy (channels)Experience. Capability. Technology
  • 29. Questions | 0411 411 555Experience. Capability. Technology @drwarwick … #tds2012
  • 30. END David Warwick Director of Technology and Services M: 0411 411 555 P: 1300 780 566 @drwarwick May2012Experience. Capability. Technology
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