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  1 Dinner for One Dinner for One is a Burning Wheel scenario in which characters meet and have dinner with the enigmatic Lord Stravit. It is the continuation of Trouble in Hochen. At its heart, it is a very simple scenario. It begins shortly after the conclusion of Trouble in Hochen. Using Dinner for One Dinner for One is intended as a follow up to Trouble in Hochen, but it can also be used as a stand-alone piece. It it meant to be played in a single four-hour session. Picking up from Trouble in Hochen As soon as the bear is overcome and any immediate aftermath involving the villagers is dealt with, a sleigh arrives, driven by the forester Tomasz. He is a servant of Stravit, the Seigneur of Hochen. Tomasz informs the characters that his lord would like to see them promptly at his manor so he can properly reward them for their efforts.  The Adventure Burner 2 This revelation is best delivered after the players have burned the heretics at the stake and torched their houses for good measure. You want to pick up as close to the action as possible. You do not want any downtime between the action of Trouble in Hochen and Dinner for One. I recommend giving a recap of what transpired in Trouble in Hochen and then getting started. Starting Fresh If you’re starting with Dinner for One, you need to set up a bit of a preamble. You need to find out just what happened during Trouble in Hochen—even though the players didn’t actually play through it.Tell them the short version: They were sent to the town to deal with a demonic infestation; it turned out the demon was a zombie bear; the townsfolk were cultists worshipping a foreign goddess to grant them succor from the demon. Let the players decide how it turned out. Ask them if they killed the demon-zombie-bear or if they just drove it off. Did they persecute the cultists? Did they burn the village? Relationship Workshop Relationships take a back-seat in this one. Encourage players to build relationships that are leaning on them for success in this venture: a father at court, a mother in the village, a cousin looking for a deal. Ask them to define what interest their relationship has in Hochen or the seigneur. There aren’t too many NPCs or opportunities to bring them into the action, so it’s better if they have expectations rather than a presence. If it makes any sense at all, definitely have a relationship character as one of the risen dead in the cellar. Using Templates This scenario is intended to be played with the characters provided. If you must burn your own characters, I recommend three-lifepath humans with noble, sorcerous, religious, mercenary or cultist ties. Belief Workshop In order for this scenario to run properly, you must lay out the situation and the players must write Beliefs about it.  3 The Adventurer Burner   D  i   n n e r  f   o r  O n e The Situation for Dinner for One The situation is: The Lord Stravit has commanded you to dine with him at his manor. He’s either going to reward you for your deeds or censure you for your excesses.  Situational Belief  Write a Belief about Stravit—impressing him, defending yourself in his eyes, learning more about him, earning a reward from him or even a recommendation at court.  Relationship or PC Belief  Write a Belief about fulfilling an obligation to one of your relationships who has an interest in Hochen or Stravit. Or write a Beliefs about protecting, hindering, impressing or avenging yourself upon one of the other player characters.Be sure to read out each Belief as it is created. Encourage players to take inspiration from one another.The GM notes each Belief as it is announced. Not every Belief or relationship will come into play in this short scenario. Therefore, the GM should encourage the players to write simple, direct goals. Loftier and more open-ended Beliefs are tough to address in a single session of play. However, if you’re planning to play for more than one session, more remote relationships and longer-term Beliefs are appropriate. Player Character Overviews for Dinner for One There are six characters available to play in this scenario: a knight, a wizard, a priest, a hunter, a Dwarf and an Elf. If you have four or fewer players, choose from the knight, wizard, priest and hunter. If you’re playing with five players, use the Dwarf or Elf as your fifth character.If you played Trouble in Hochen, please continue using your characters from that session. Don’t switch. If you lost a character to the oil, the bear or the cultists feel free to bring in a new character to replace him.  The Adventure Burner  4 Knight  Gunter Kiczold is a bog-standard four-lifepath knight. He’s a tank, but his skill exponents are low. Encourage the player to place the knight’s father at court—as an officer, courtier or even just an old knight himself. Doing so provides a good motivation for the character in the adventure and sets him up nicely for the sequel scenarios.The player can write his Beliefs about proving himself to his father, earning fame or wealth on this mission or even protecting his companions. Wizard Brin is a haughty personality. She’s a simple three-lifepath wizard, and plenty powerful. Though she doesn’t have any killing spells, the combination of Phantasmagoria, Spirit Servant, Binding and Call of Iron make her versatile and potent in the hands of a creative player.Brin’s relationship is fairly well locked in. Her uncle makes an excellent potential villain for the scenario. It’s up to the GM if he’s the one who’s actually behind this madness—Götrung—or if he just holds dark secrets that may aid her.Encourage her player to write her Beliefs about creating a reputation for herself, overawing her companions and discovering her uncle’s evil works. Her uncle is definitely interested in young Brin. It’s not everyday that an evil necromancer has a powerful sorceress for a niece. Priest  Theoden is a powerful yet delicate character. His faith is mighty, and his will strong, but he lacks any material protection whatsoever. If shielded and aided, he’s a valuable asset.Theoden’s abbot cousin is an important character in this setting. He’s influential at court. Ask the player whose ear he has. Where does his power stem from?Encourage the player to write his Beliefs about doing a service for his cousin and ingratiating himself to Stravit. Alternately, he can write a nurturing Belief about healing this place or protecting his companions.
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