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  Disomangcop v. Datumanong (Tinga, 2004) 1 Facts: − On Aug. 1, 1989, RA 6734 was passed (Organic Act of ARMM). our pro!inces !oted for inc usion in ARMM, na#e $% &anao de 'ur, Maguindanao, 'u u and awiawi. − *n accordance wit+ it, O 4-6 was issued $ /res. 0or$ Auino on Oct. 1-, 1992. +e sa#ede!o !ed to t+e ARMM t+e power of t+e /5. − On Ma$ -2, 1999, O 119 was issued $ /5 'ec. igi ar. *t created a /5 Marawi 'uistrict ngineering Office w+ic+ s+a +a!e urisdiction o!er a nationa infrastructure proectsand faci ities under t+e /5 wit+in Marawi 0it$ and &anao de 'ur. − On an. 17, -221, RA 8999 w+ic+ created a new ngineering istrict in t+e first district of &anao de 'ur was passed $ /res. strada. − On Marc+ 31, -221, RA 924 w+ic+ a#ended RA 6734 was passed. +e pro!ince of :asi anand t+e 0it$ of Marawi !oted to oin ARMM t+roug+ said aw. − /etitioners iso#angcop and i#a otang in t+eir capacit$ as O*0 and nginer ** respecti!e $of t+e irst ngineering istrict of /5ARMM in &anao de 'ur fi ed a petition uestioningt+e constitutiona it$ and !a idit$ of O 119 and RA 8999 on t+e ground t+at t+e$ contra!enet+e constitution and t+e organic acts of t+e ARMM. Issue: WON DO 119 an ! #999 a$e %ot& inva'i an constitutiona'' ini$m.*e' an !atio:On ! #999 − RA 8999 ne!er eca#e operati!e and was superseded or repea ed $ a RA 924. :$ creatingan office wit+ pre!ious $ de!o !ed functions, RA 8999, in essence soug+t to a#end RA 6274,w+ic+ is an organic act w+ic+ eno$s affir#ation t+roug+ a p eiscite. 5ence, t+e pro!isionst+ereof cannot e a#ended $ an ordinar$ statute suc+ as RA 8999. +e a#endator$ aw needsto e su#itted a so to a p eiscite w+ic+ is ac;ing in t+e case of RA 8999. RA 6734 de!o !edt+e functions of t+e /5 to ARMM w+ic+ inc udes &anao de 'ur. − Moreo!er, RA 8999 is patent $ inconsistent wit+ RA 924 w+ic+ is a ater aw. RA 924, w+ic+is anc+ored on t+e 1987 0onstitution ad!ances t+e constitutiona grant of autono#$ $ detai ingt+e powers of t+e ARMM w+ic+ co!ers a#ong ot+ers &anao de 'ur. 5owe!er, RA 8999!entures to reesta is+t +e <ationa =o!ern#ent>s urisdiction o!er t+e infrastructure progra#sin &anao de 'ur. RA 8999 is patent $ inconsistent wit+ RA 924, and it destro$s t+e atter aw>soecti!e of de!o ution of t+e functions of /5 in ine wit+ t+e po ic$ of t+e 0onstitution togrant &=?s #eaningfu and aut+entic regiona autono#$. On DO 119+ O 119 creating t+e Marawi 'uistrict ngineering Office w+ic+ +as urisdiction o!er infrastructure proects wit+in Marawi 0it$ and &anao de 'ur is !io ati!e of t+e pro!isions of O 4-6w+ic+ i#p e#ents t+e transfer of contro and super!ision of t+e /5 to t+e ARMM in ine wit+ RA6734. +e office created under O 119 +a!ing essentia $ t+e sa#e powers wit+ t+e istrictngineering Office of &anao de 'ur as created under O 4-6, is a dup ication. +e O in effect ta;es ac; powers w+ic+ +a!e een pre!iou s$ de!o !ed under O 4-6. RA 924 +owe!er +as repea ed O 1Ange ica /ag icawan  119 ecause t+e for#er see;s to transfer contro and super!ision of /5 offices to ARMM.
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