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  Re-reading JapanSANAA’s Relational Architecture A reection on the EPFL Learning Centre, Lausanne. James Kirk Diploma in Architecture, University of Westminster Dissertation First printed January 2012 Opposite SANAA’s Zollverein School of Management and Design. Facade detail. Photograph by James Kirk  1  “Looking at a SANAA building is like looking at a pool on a hot day.” Idenburg, F. (2010) Relations p742  3  Introduction The (mis-)representation of SANAA’s work through photography and critical analysisCultural interactions - A Western Perspective  The modern Japanese city and metropolis The cultural interaction between Japan and the West Evolving lineages in Japanese architecture Maekawa, Tange, and the outcomes of Western technological modernismKon, Fujimori and the Bow-Wow GenerationKikutake, Ito, SANAA and the relationalists Relational Aesthetics and a new Japanese tradition Relational AestheticsRelational art and the political  The srcins and cultural need for relational spaceSANAA’s Relational Space Field Party The EPFL Learning Center21st Century Museum of Contemporary ArtNew Museum The Zollverein School of Management and Design  The Relational Space of SANAA’s followers Jun’ya IshigamiFlorian Idenburg - Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu (SO-IL) Criticisms and successes of relational aesthetics and relational spaceConclusion Appendices  Appendix 1 Travel diary and reections Appendix 2 Interview with Florian Idenburg BibliographyList of Images  392121243333343541414751575758626264676768717579798588944
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