Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal NME magazine analysis.
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  The masthead of the magazine is very loud and bright, which fits in with the main image of Dizzee Rascal as it looks like he’s shouting something at the audience. The header of the magazine is very appealing to the target audience as it has a 16 page special which includes some very popular bands so that if the fans of these band see this they will be automatically drawn to it. It’s also in black and white whereas the rest of the magazine is bright and colourful so it stands out more on the page. The Puff is effective because its in a red buddle with white writing which makes it stand out on the page, and in doing so it draws the attention of the target audience. The main image of Dizzee Rascal works for the magazine because he’s a very well known and established artist. When the target audience see this picture they will automatically know who it is. The image fits in with the masthead and the main coverlines as it’s a very loud image. The main coverlines of the magazine attract the target audience because they are in capitals and they in a bug bold font. This is just like the main image in that kind of bold and loud things to attract the target audience. The barcode helps sell the magazine, when put through the scanners they will know the price of the magazine. The main quote is very happy and cheerful, thinks links in with the main image of Dizzee Rascal as he also looks very happy. This may also be an insight to what kind of magazine this is and what kind of things the target audience can expect to find inside. The colour scheme of the magazine is very consistent throughout the front cover,  The main image of Dizzee Rascal makes him look like he’s up to no good, which is completely dif ferent to the front cover of the magazine as he is made to look fun and innocent. However the way in which this shot is taken it makes it look like he’s just gratified the wall behind him. The main coverline of the story is suggesting that Dizzee Rascal has had a rough past, but now he’s managed to turn his life around which may be used by NME to inspire some younger people to not get too down about their lives. The empty beer bottles and the radio/ speaker show what kind of people will be buying the magazine because it’s showing it’s the kind of people who like to get drunk and party. This may be showing the stereotypical people who listen to this kind of genre. The main image of Dizzee Rascal surprises the reader because there is no direct mode of address, usually for main pages the picture is usually looking straight at the audience so in that sense it breaks the traditional codes and conventions, but it still works because it intrigues the audience because they want to know what he’s looking at. The magazine also goes against codes and conventions because there is no masthead bur it does follow some in terms that the paragraphs are sectioned into columns.  The masthead of the magazine continues onto the contents page to show that it’s a big part of the magazine, almost perhaps as important as the front cover. The same colour schemes are used as well which is important because it keeps the house style of the magazine consistent so that people will know what magazine company it is. The contents page has little headers for the different things which can be found in the magazine, this helps the target audience because they can see what it is they’re looking for in the magazine straight away. The main image of the magazine is cleverly used because it’s large enough so the audience can see it yet it doesn’t distract you from everything else that’s going on in the magazine. For example if the person is reading the page numbers to see what’s in the magazine, they will not be distracted by the main image. At the bottom of the page there is a chance for the reader to sign up to the magazine so they can receive regular updates about this type of music and about the magazine. The text underneath the main image is typical to that of a contents page as it’s fairly long but not giving away too much about the article, again showing that this magazine follows traditional codes and conventions. NME have made the masthead in black so it clearly stands out to the audience. This is effective because the audience will know what magazine it is and it’s similar to the front cover so the house style is very consistent throughout.
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