Dizzee Rascal Continued

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  The Masthead of the magazine is very loud and bright. The masthead follows the colour scheme of the rest of the cover and the red stands out. The red connotes danger and excitement and this also relates to the look which can be seen on Dizzee Rascals face. Finally the borders around the magazines masthead makes it further stand out from the rest of the cover. The backround is an image of a wall of graffiti and this can be related to dizzee rascals style of music which is very urban. The main image  is of the well known artist and the facial expressions can be linked to the cover line with the word ‘Joy’ and the word spread can be linked to the pose where he is stood with his arms spread out wide. The barcode is a standard code and convention of a magazine and reinforces the magazine selling points.  The Main Coverline the cover line is very large and strikes across the centre of the page giving it more attractiveness to the audience. The name is significant as it confirms the artist whom is shown in the image.  Strapline the strapline feautures the word tour in which reinforces the cover line at the bottom about ‘spreading around the world’.  Puff the use of a puff is an excellent way in which you can attract the target audience as it gives something extra to the magazine cover.  Rule of thirds the fact that the main image is in the left third gives the magazine a sense of unevenness which could be linked to the music genre as it defies rules and is more of an edgey urban look.  Selling Points/ Coverlines the coverlines and the selling points here allow the magazine to further attract and audience as it introduces to them the features inside the magazine, giving away enough to attract but not enough to lose consumers.  The footer this shows and reinforces the genre of the magazine as it speaks of artists in a similar field and this would increase sales.    The colour scheme of the contents page is consistent to that of the front cover, the magazine. This is significant as it allows the magazine a good flow. The contrasting colours give an edgy look to the magazine which may be interpreted as the magazines personality and the personality of the artists which may feature on the magazines pages and covers . They also they make it stand out from other magazines as the contrasting colours catch the eye. The use of page numbers make the magazine easy to navigate and the way they are clearly laid out make the magazine flow better and even more easy to navigate specifically to the article you are interested. The  Main Image is easily viewed due to its position on the page it features a story in which the majority of the magazines consumers would be interested in. ‘Touring Special’ allows the consumer to believe they are getting something in the magazine they cannot get anywhere else which is a majour selling point.   The Masthead stands out due to the contrasting colours used red/black, also it being on the contents page which is inside the magazine reminds the consumer of what they are reading and will help produce and generate more sales.   The Website  directory to the magazines website allows the magazine to advertise itself further and promotes more sales and the consumer is able to find out more about the magazine, possible future productions and special editions which may be produced and distributed in the future. The Layout follows the codes and conventions of a stereotypical magazine contents page. The use of this code and convention makes the magazine easy to read and the reader is at ease. You can easily see the main story and the main image attracts you in as it is in the centre and very easy to view.   The  date is significant a\s it reinforces the way the magazine follows codes and conventions of a stereotypical music magazine. Also it allows the reader to know wheither they are reading a newer or older edition and allows the consumer to know the release date.  Special Feature allows you to see one of the main stories of the magazine, this is a major selling point.   The written text is significant as it is in a style which the magazine consumer will be able relate to, the text is written in a laid back way and has multiple modern slang words in it. This allows the magazine reader to relate to the producer and be comfortable with the magazine.    The title  of this page is significant as it a witty spin on the phrase  ‘From Rags To Riches’ this is important as it relates to the artist and his past. This is also vital as the genre of music is unique and this can be related to putting a spin on the classic phrase, if the consumer knows of the artist which is highly likely they would known that he has struggled and this is one of the main topics of his music. The  Main Image reinforces the importance of dizzee rascal in the article. The artist is also featured on the front cover and this makes sure that the consumer realises he is one of the most important stories within this edition of the magazine.   The background of the image is related to the artists music genre which is rap/grime. This genre is a new urban genre and can be related to poverty which means that the graffiti can be related in as it is a common thing to see in areas which are urban or poverty driven as it is a way to display opinion. The font used is an solid and edgey and an urban style which can be linked into the artists music genre and style. The article is about the general background and the artist which is a typical code and convention of a music magazine and if not they would lack a major selling point as it is a good interest of the consumers otherwise they would not purchase the magazine. The images  can be linked into the genre of music as alcohol can be linked to violence which is a major feature within the lyrics of dizzee ra   scals grime compositions. The Mise En-Scene with the artist reinforce the grime genre which is the main feature of this edition of the magazine. This is a significant thing as it gives strength to the genre and the consumer is actually gaining what they thought they would gain from the magazine as it all relates back to the front cover. Colour scheme links in with the covers colour scheme and this gives the magazine a sense of consistency throughout the cover to the article which is promoted on the cover.  


Jul 23, 2017
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