DJ Mag Analysis

Nathan Pugsley
of 25
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  DJ Mag Analysis  MastheadPuf SkylineBarcodePrice / DateMain CoverlineCoverlineSell LinesMain Image   DJ Mag comared to other DJ maga!ines seems to e more rela#ed and not as $ormal% meaning it &ould aeal to a younger demograhic ' around the ages o$ () to *)+ ,he very right colours on this issue de-nitely suort this as younger eole are attracted to more colour$ul and strong images+ ,he maga!ine is de-nitely more targeted to&ards males due to the nature o$ the content and the &ay it is ortrayed ' it is not $eminine looking in the slightest+  ,arget Audience   ,he masthead is a convention that is used on every maga!ine% and is no e#ectation &ith DJ Mag+ ,he logo is -lled &ith red &ith a thick lack stroke around the outside% making it very old+ Due to the masthead consisting only o$ the letters .D and .J% as &ell as eing slightly overlaing each other% it makes the masthead look more o$ an em lem than 0ust te#t that has een stylised+ ,his makes it more efective at staying in the readers minds and there$ore more efective at creating a rand+ Just a ove the .J is a ring to reresent a vinyl or deck o$ a DJ controller% making the masthead more styli!ed and also $urther ortraying that it is very much a electronic music maga!ine+ Masthead
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