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  Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version)   NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN CONTRACT/BID DOCUMENT FOR PROCUREMENT OF Improvement of Tarnol Railway Crossing with Widening of Gate & 2 Close U-Turn at Km 1553+218 - 1555+393 on N-5 Issued To :  M/S________________________________  Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version)   (1)   TABLE OF CONTENTS Description Page No. INVITATION FOR BIDS 5 Form 6 INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS 7 A. General IB.1 Scope of Bid 8 IB.2 Source of Funds 8 IB.3 Eligible Bidders 8 IB.4 One Bid Per Bidder 8 IB.5 Cost of Bidding 8 IB.6 Site Visit 9 B. Bidding Documents IB.7 Contents of Bidding Documents 9 IB.8 Clarification of Bidding Documents 9 IB.9 Amendment of Bidding Documents 10 C. Preparation of Bids IB.10. Language of Bid 10 IB.11 Documents Accompanying the Bid 10 IB.12 Bid Prices 12 IB.13 Currencies of Bid and Payment 12 IB.14 Bid Validity 13 IB.15 Bid Security 13 IB.16 Alternate Proposals by Bidder 14 IB.17 Pre-Bid Meeting 14 IB.18 Format and Signing of Bid 15 D. Submission of Bids IB.19 Sealing and Marking of Bids 15 IB.20 Deadline for Submission of Bids 16 IB.21 Late Bids 16 IB.22 Modification, Substitution and Withdrawal of Bids 17  Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) (2) E. Bid Opening and Evaluation IB.23 Bid Opening 17 IB.24 Process to be Confidential 18 IB.25 Clarification of Bids 18 IB.26 Examination of Bids and Determination of Responsiveness 18 IB.27 Correction of Errors 19 IB.28 Evaluation and Comparison of Bids 19 F. Award of Contract IB.29 Award 20 IB.30 Employer  ’ s Right to Accept any Bid and to Reject any or all Bids 20 IB.31 Notification of Award 21 IB.32 Performance Security 21 IB.33 Signing of Contract Agreement 21 IB.34 General Performance of the Bidders 22 IB.35 Integrity Pact 22 IB.36 Instructions Not Part of Contract 22 BIDDING DATA 23 FORM OF BID AND APPENDICES TO BID 27 FORM OF BID   28 Appendix-A to Bid : Special Stipulations 30 Appendix-B to Bid : Foreign Currency Requirements 31 Appendix-C to Bid : Price Adjustment (Under Clause 70) 32 Appendix-D to Bid : Bill of Quantities 33 Appendix-E to Bid : Proposed Construction Schedule 35 Appendix-F to Bid : Method of Performing the Work 36 Appendix-G to Bid : List of Major Equipment  –   Related Items 37 Appendix-H to Bid : Construction Camp and Housing Facilities 39  Appendix-I to Bid : List of Subcontractors 40 Appendix-J to Bid : Estimated Progress Payments 41 Appendix-K to Bid : Organization Chart of the Supervisory Staff and Labour 42 Appendix-L to Bid : Integrity Pact 43 FORMS BID SECURITY 45 PERFORMANCE SECURITY 47 CONTRACT AGREEMENT 49 MOBILIZATION ADVANCE GUARANTEE/BOND 51  Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) (3) PART-I: GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT 53 PART-II: PARTICULAR CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT 56 SPECIFICATIONS - TECHNICAL PROVISIONS 74 DRAWINGS 75
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