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  In the near future, the earth is no longer able to sustain humanity. Crops are rounely ravaged by blight,[5] dust storms scour the land, and mankind has regressed to an agrarian society. Cooper, a former N! test pilot and engineer turned farmer lives ith his family, including his father#in#la $onald, son %om, and ten#year#old daughter &urphy'be(er kno n as )&urph)' ho believes their house is haunted by a ghost that is trying to communicate to her. Challenging &urph to prove the ghost*s e+istence through scienc in-uiry, Cooper discovers that the )ghost) is an unkno n form of intelligence sending them coded messages by means of gravitaonal anomaly altering the dust on the oor in a pa(ern that resembles morse code, direcng them to a secret N! installaon led by /rofessor 0rand.0rand reveals to Cooper that a ormhole has been discovered in the solar system orbing !aturn, and that humanity*s only chance for survival is to traverse through the ormhole to colonise ne orlds in another gala+y. N! sciensts believe that e+tra#dimensional beings are communicang ith them and have provided the ormhole for humanity*s use. Cooper is recruited to pilot 1ndurance, an e+perimental spacecra2, to follo the 3a4arus &ission, a series of manned capsules sent through the ormhole to survey a do4en potenal planets* long#term sustainability. %he data from 3a4arus has given N! three potenal habitable planets &iller, 1dmunds, and &ann, named a2er the astronauts ho carried out the surveys. 6nce their viability is conrmed, humanity ill follo aboard the N! facility, hich is an enormous space staon.Cooper*s decision to 7oin 1ndurance breaks &urph*s heart, and the t o part on bad terms. 8e  7oins 0rand*s daughter melia, physicist 9omilly, geographer $oyle, and mul#purpose robots designated C!1 and %9! on a t o#year spaceight to the ormhole before crossing over into the ne gala+y. :hile traversing the ormhole, melia encounters an e+tra#dimensional presence that she believes has created the ormhole to save humanity.6nce through, 1ndurance follo s the signal le2 by &iller*s e+pedion, but they -uickly encounter a problem the candidate planet is in close pro+imity to ;argantua, a nearby rotang black hole, and due to its gravitaonal pull, me on the planet is slo er than on 1arth. %hey discover that the planet is inhospitable as giant dal aves race across its surface. $oyle is killed by a ave as the cre a(empts to retrieve &iller*s data recording instrument, and their departure is delayed by an hour. %hey discover t enty#three years have passed for 9omilly on 1ndurance hen they return.0ack on 1arth, &urph is no an adult and has 7oined N! here she a(empts to solve a physics problem that has troubled 0rand for years the -ueson of ho humans can escape 1arth*s gravitaonal pull en masse. 0rand*s health deteriorates, and he admits that he solved thenecessary e-uaon decades earlier but realised that he needed data from a singularity behind a black hole to complete it. Coming to the conclusion that there is no hope that humanity can escape earth, he put his faith in a )populaon bomb), a mass repopulaon pro7ect using ferlised embryos to start humankind over, sacricing 1arth in the process.  :ith the lengthy mission to retrieve &iller*s data having consumed valuable resources, 1ndurance is forced to choose bet een follo ing &ann or 1dmunds. Cooper and melia clash, ith Cooper accusing her of being compromised by her emoonal a(achment to 1dmunds< melia counter#accuses Cooper of being compromised by his desire to see his family again as 1ndurance can reach both planets if they give up on returning to 1arth and use the populaon bomb. %he cre seeks out &ann, nding him in stasis on an icy, ammonia#saturated planet and revive him. 8o ever, &ann has forged the data about the viability of his planet so the 1ndurance ould come and end his isolaon. :hen Cooper decides to return to 1arth, &ann murders 9omilly and a(empts to kill Cooper before eeing to 1ndurance ith the shu(le, intending to take the populaon bomb to 1dmunds*s planet instead. melia rescues Cooper, andthe t o give chase but are unable to prevent &ann from improperly docking ith 1ndurance, hich kills &ann hen the airlock depressuri4es. :ith %9!*s help, Cooper manages to get a damaged 1ndurance back under control.Cooper and melia formulate a plan to pilot 1ndurance to ;argantua*s event hori4on and to  7e=son %9! into it to gather data on the singularity behind the black hole hich they can relay back to earth. 6nce the robot transmits the data back to them, they ould slingshot themselves on a course to 1dmunds*s planet. Cooper releases his shu(le into ;argantua to reduce the 1ndurance*s eight, allo ing melia to escape the gravitaonal pull. 8e e7ects before his cra2 is destroyed, and comes to a halt in an e+tra#dimensional space here me is not linear. Cooper realises the e+tra#dimensional beings are in fact a future form of humanity ho have evolved to the point of transcending me and space, and have come back in me to create the ormhole to ensure humanity*s survival. No e-uipped ith %9!*s data on the singularity, Cooper is able to communicate ith &urph across the dimensional barrier from inside a tesseract through gravitaonal aves, making him the )ghost) from her childhood. :ith this informaon, &urph isable to complete 0rand*s e-uaon, allo ing 1arth*s populaon to be evacuated.8is mission no complete, Cooper is transported back through the ormhole and rescued by a N! ship. 8e a akens aboard the N! staon orbing !aturn, hich is no serving as a aypoint to marshal the remainder of humanity to cross the ormhole, and is reunited ith an elderly &urph. !he convinces him to go to melia, ho has located the remains of 1dmunds*s e+pedion and a planet that can sustain life. 2er saying goodbye, he steals a N! ship and begins the 7ourney
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