Document - Inductive or deductive

Document - Inductive or deductive
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  Certificate in Secondary English Language TeachingTeaching grammar  Inductive or deductive? Look at the four approaches in the ‘Opinions of teaching’ resource and fill out the folloing ta!le" NumberMain ideasInductive or deductive?My opinion #Communication is more important than grammar hich can !e taught indirectly hile communicating"InductiveI think it is a good ay of teaching grammar !ut some students may find it difficult to deduce or understand the rule"$Teaching grammar at the very !eginning helps learners to communicate ell"%eductive"It is suita!le for some learners as they get previous knoledge of the rule so communication in later stages takes place successfully"&Teaching grammar through communicationinductiveIt is a very good point as some learners are una!le to relate the rule to real life"'(ractising grammar in conte)t"inductiveI agree ith that as learners need conte)t to understand rammar" * The +ritish Council, $-##The .nited /ingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations" 0e are registered in England as a charity"
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