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  Purification Solutions Engineered technologies for removing hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S), mercury (Hg) and other contaminants from gases and liquids  Many upstream and downstream gas production and storage operations, as well as environmental and water treatment sites, generate unacceptable concentrations of H 2 S, Hg and other contaminants that must be removed from their processes. M-I SWACO has developed a range of safe solutions for effectively eliminating these impurities. Our SULFATREAT †  technologies are the world’s top rated H 2 S scavengers. M-I SWACO is a world class provider of purification solutions. Our SULFATREAT and SELECT †  technologies include industry-leading scavengers and customized  treatment systems to process large volumes of contaminated gas. Specially formulated scavengers are designed to selectively remove impurities in either dry or water-saturated gaseous streams. Mobile units provide flexibility to expedite the removal process for smaller operations or those in remote locations. Purification Solutions: A range of well-established technologies for removing contaminants from gases and liquids  Protecting your operations with customized treatment solutions Features  ■ Customized purification systems  ■ Wide range of scavengers providing optimized solutions ■ Single or lead/lag vessel configurations  ■ Mobile removal units  ■ Integrated solutions for removing multiple contaminants  ■ Highly qualified, experienced and  trained support network Benefits  ■ Cost-effective large-volume purification  ■ Stable, reacted products – simple to handle ■ Established disposal and recycling options  ■ Minimized environmental risks  ■ Adaptable to variable process conditions  ■ Ability to set up and remove contaminants at any location  ■ Economical capital expense requirements  ■ Simple, reliable and predictable operation requiring minimal operator attentionM-I SWACO Purification Solutions is an industry-recognized provider of specialized solutions for removing hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S), mercury (Hg) and other contaminants from gas and liquid streams for operators in  the global energy, environmental, and water  treatment markets. Almost every business day, a new M-I SWACO purification system is installed somewhere in the world. SULFATREAT and SELECT are specially-formulated metal oxide products that utilize fixed bed technology for treating dry and water-saturated gas streams and light liquid hydrocarbons. The products are safe in both their initial and ready-for-disposal forms. Disposal and metal recovery routes are well established.Based on iron oxide chemistry, SULFATREAT products require the gas stream to be water saturated for effective H 2 S removal. SELECT products, based on mixed metal oxides, will work in both dry and water-saturated gas applications. SELECT products will also remove Hg and other trace contaminants such as COS and mercaptans. Purification product selection is based on process conditions and operational parameters specified by the customer.A key feature of the fixed bed process includes product consumption dependent only upon the amount of contaminant  that passes through the bed. This feature economically matches purification with variations in system flow conditions and outlet specifications, regardless of  total volume or other common stream components. Treatment options include single-vessel systems that require minimal capital investment, lead/lag configurations that allow more efficient use of the media, and mobile units.Customer service is a top priority. All products, systems and specialized equipment are backed by a comprehensive  technical and engineering support network, as well as experienced field personnel trained to deliver fast, effective and safe onsite services.  SULFATREAT and SELECT products are used in fixed bed processes. Gas or vapor moves through the bed in a down-flow design. Contaminants chemically react with  the product, forming a stable by-product. The flexibility of the treatment process allows the system to adapt to changes in operating conditions or  tighter regulations, often without additional capital equipment or system retrofitting. Process features include predictable pressure drops, long bed life, easy and safe handling, and simple, reliable operation.Purification system designs can be customized to specific site requirements,  taking into consideration variables such as inlet gas flow, operating pressure, desired pressure drop, and the days-to-outlet-specification. Highly predictable low pressure drops allow for a wide range of reliable applications and equipment configurations. The purification vessel can be obtained from a variety of sources engineered to treatment specifications. Properly designed and constructed, M-I SWACO purification systems can remain fully functional for 20 years or longer.Site facilities should include appropriate interconnecting piping to and from  the vessel. Insulation of the piping and vessel may be required, depending upon anticipated atmospheric cooling in conjunction with upstream liquid separation. Optional equipment may include a water-spray system  to saturate the inlet gas. Quality assured All M-I SWACO Purification Solutions products are formulated to stringent quality specifications. A unique software model is developed for each application. An Estimated Performance Sheet (EPS) specifies the system design, individual process conditions, and critical operating and performance features such as run  time, anticipated pressure drop and  treatment cost. Highly trained technical sales, quality assurance representatives and experienced field personnel support  the application through every step of  the design, build and setup processes to ensure a successful treatment solution. M-I SWACO consistently meets customer expectations for more than a thousand applications on stream at any time. Flexible treatment solutionsProven success: SULFATREAT technology helps remove H 2 S from CO 2  off-gas stream The Situation A major refining company was building the world’s largest renewable diesel plant. The design utilized SULFATREAT products for the primary removal of trace amounts of H 2 S from a carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) off-gas stream. Late in the project, during a HAZOP, it was identified that a “surge” event occurred during planned maintenance activities on a critical piece of equipment. During the maintenance period it was determined the sulfur load increased significantly, rendering invalid the srcinal design of the H 2 S removal system. The Solution M-I SWACO evaluated process conditions surrounding the “surge” event and examined various system media options. It was clear that an integrated media configuration provided a cost-effective, secure, flexible and practical means of removing H 2 S from the off-gas, while providing maximum system protection during surge conditions. Bulk removal was provided by the SULFATREAT 410 CHP †  product in the lead bed. Use of SELECT HP †  in the lag and polishing reactors ensured  that plant reliability was not compromised. The Result The reactors were loaded with the on-site support of M-I SWACO. With the system successfully commissioned, regular contact has been maintained and technical support continuously provided to ensure optimal system performance.
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