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  DOING SCHOOL DIFFERENTLY SCHOOL THROUGH MY VISION  IF I WERE PRINCIPAL OF MY OWN SCHOOL  If I could completely run the school on my own rules, things would be a lot different.  Keep some of the rules the same.  I went to an all-girl, catholic school; no nail varnish, skirts at knee length and no exhibitionist hair styles.  The school was very much anti-bullying and believed that by taking these precautions, this reduced the risk of bullying taking place.  Naturally, the idea of being bullied because of the colour of your nail varnish seemed very bizarre to us.  Maybe this was because I was blessed with a tight knit group of amazing girls I am still, to this day, best friends with.  MY OWN SCHOOL EXPERIENCE  As a prefect of the school in sixth year, I did become aware that not everyone had the same life changing six years as I did.  Not everyone left school every day looking forward to seeing their friends again the following day.  Some girls dreaded the thought of school.  If I were principal, I would not want any one of my pupils to feel that way.  Enhance the guidance counselling in the school first and fore most.  Ensure that each students as they enter school, throughout their first year, are exposed to some sort of one to one time with a teacher where they can express their thoughts and anxieties towards starting their first year in post-primary education.  Personally, I did receive this one to one counselling in my first year, but this was due to family circumstances.  There were girls in my year in much greater need of that time than I was.  EVERY TEACHER SHOULD ENJOY THEIR JOB  That may sound like a lot to ask, but for students as influenced as they are, it is important that teacher are delivering education with a positive frame of mind, not  just because that is the job they happened to land in.  There is nothing more I want to do in my life than become a teacher.  I love working with people and watch people develop in life after being influenced by my teaching.  I would hope that the teachers I would employ in my school would have the same want and the same desire to give back.  I had some fantastic teachers in my time and I know I will be taking leaves out of their books when it comes to my own teaching approach.
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