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  DOS Command Index From the book DOS the Easy Wayby Everett Murdock Ph.D. NOTE: The com!ete ndex to DOS command# can be$ound at %%%.ea#ydo#.comFor more n$ormat on about the book DOS the Easy  Way c! ck here to &o to WWW.E'S(DOS.COM   Se!ect the command name $or com!ete n$ormat on about thatcommand and exam!e# o$ t# u#e. APPEND(External)APPEND ;APPEND [d:]path[;][d:]path[...]APPEND [/X:on|off][/path:on|off] [/E]Displays or sets the searh path for data files. D! #ill searh the speified path(s) if the file is not fo$nd in the $rrent path.A %&N(External)A %&N x'y [...] /staedirets dis dri*e re+$ests to a different dri*e. A,,%-(External)A,,%- [d:][path]filenae [/ ]A,,%- [|0] [A|0A] [ |0 ] [1|01] [d:][path]filenae [/ ] ets or displays the read0only2 arhi*e2 syste2 and hidden attri3$tes of a file or diretory.-A456P  (External)-A456P d:[path][filenae] d:[/ ][/7][/A][/8:(si9e)] [/P][/D:date] [/,:tie] [/:[path]filenae]7aes a 3a$p opy of one or ore files. (%n D! ersion <2 this pro=ra is stored on the D! s$ppleental dis.)-EA5 (%nternal)-EA5 'on|off 6sed fro the D! propt or in a 3ath file or in the 4!N8%&. > file to set (or display) #hether or not D! sho$ld he for a 4trl  -rea ey o3ination.-688E (%nternal)-688E '(n$3er)2(read0ahead n$3er)6sed in the 4!N8%&. > file to set the n$3er of dis 3$ffers (n$3er) that #ill 3e a*aila3le for $se d$rin= data inp$t. Also $sed to set a *al$e for the n$3er of setors to  3e read in ad*ane (read0ahead) d$rin= data inp$t operations.4A(%nternal)4A [d:][path]3athfilenae [options]4alls another 3ath file and then ret$rns to $rrent 3ath file to ontin$e.414P(%nternal)414P (odepa=e)Displays the $rrent ode pa=e or han=es the ode pa=e that D! #ill $se.41D% (%nternal)41D% (4D) [d:]path41D% (4D)[..]Displays #orin= ($rrent) diretory and/or han=es to a different diretory.  415D 5 (External)415D 5 [d:][path][filenae] [/8][/]4hes a dis and pro*ides a file and eory stat$s report.41!%4E(%nternal)41!%4E [/4[:]eys] [/N][/ ][/,[:]2nn] [text]6sed to pro*ide a propt so that a $ser an ae a hoie #hile a 3ath pro=ra is r$nnin=. 4 (4lear reen)(%nternal)4 4lears (erases) the sreen. 4!77AND(External)4!77AND [d:][path] [de*ie] [/P][/E:(si9e)] [/7 &][/> [/4 (oand)|/5 (oand)] tarts a ne# *ersion of the D! oand proessor (the pro=ra that loads the D! %nternal pro=ras).4!7P(External)4!7P [d:][path][filenae] [d:][path][filenae] [/A][/4][/D][/][/N:(n$3er)]4opares t#o =ro$ps of files to find inforation that does not ath. ( ee 84 oand). 4!P>(%nternal)4!P> [/>|0>] [/A][/-] [d:][path]filenae [/A][/-] [d:][path][filenae] [/]or 4!P> [/>|0>][/A][/-] [d:][path]filenae[d:][path]filenae[...][d:][path][filenae] [/]  4opies and appends files.4!6N,>(%nternal)4!6N,>'o$ntry ode2[ode pa=e][2][d:][filenae]6sed in the 4!N8%&. > file to tell D! to $se o$ntry0speifi text on*entions d$rin= proessin=.4,,>(%nternal)4,,> (de*ie)4han=es the standard %/! (%np$t/!$tp$t) de*ie to an a$xiliary de*ie. DA,E(%nternal)DA,E 0dd0yyDisplays and/or sets the syste date.D- PA4E(External)D- PA4E / a$too$nt'dri*esD- PA4E /hds [/8] [d:]D- PA4E /opress d: [/ne#dri*e'host:] [/reser*e'si9e] [/8]D- PA4E /reate d: [/ne#dri*e'host:] [/reser*e'si9e] [/si9e'si9e]D- PA4E /defra=ent [d:] ]/8]D- PA4E /delete d:D- PA4E /do$3le=$ard'?|@D- PA4E /forat d:D- PA4E [/info] [d:]D- PA4E /listD- PA4E /o$nt['nnn] host: [/ne#dri*e'd:]D- PA4E /ratio['ratio] [d:] [/all]D- PA4E /si9e['si9e] [/reser*e'si9e] d:D- PA4E /$nopress d: D- PA4E /$no$nt [d:]A pro=ra a*aila3le #ith D! <.? that allo#s yo$ to opress inforation on a dis.
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