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  IlIIgl*IIII IIII~1UI11iI1111   . , .. , .   , .. ' C-09.CHOTIM.1 01 3089 BOARDDIPLOMAEXAMINATION,(C-09) APRIL/MAY -2011 D.M.E.- FIRST YEAREXAMINATION ENGLISH(NEW) Timtl: S Hoursl l'rota] Marks: 80 PART-A 10><3 = 30 lrultmctioflS I) AII~u.'Cr all qllf:8Ii()11 (2) All quesliolls 00/'1')' equal marks. 1 YOII Ineet ),OI,l1 teac;hf'r at 10.00a.m. after the ilummer vaCAtion .Write.approp)'ialegrileting and reaponse.2 Give the meaning and an e»smplewurd fQl the followingroots. (n) bio (b) ~ ph (c) thcrm l You are inanewcity and want to go the museum Writehowyouwillaskfordirections. 4 Fill in tbe blank!!with appropriate forms of v(lrbsgiven in brackets. I (watch)  t movie I.lvcry week. 1 _ (go)to  t movie last week. 1,(enj{lY)  t t lot. Ii Fill inthe blanks with appropriate Corrnll (If verbs givenin brackets. Last weekwhen1(watch)a {flovill my mobile_ - .  (rin~. It di$turbedeverybody.I(nottake)mymobile to the theatre in thefutu1'6. S089-P91 1 tContd .  C-Ot-CHOT/M-101 .. ('hlUlrfl Ihl' 'IJIC'E' of uw follo .... lll{; l>f'nlE'nCf'l> (a) .\u .. lrIlIlI~ a8 df'felH d b~- India (b) Zah .... r lool; fiH' lrkN .. , (c) Dhom 'o n Ihl' tnu. 7 Wntt·J I'nll'nci'S (un .. f'8!'h) III !;lvpn plIllI rn~ (a) S \- . Ill) S, V.8C' Ie) S.\' IO.l)Q, 8 t' iJl III Ih blanks wllh Rllllroj)rill!1' pr( llollilioll~ a ThfOrl' 1M II r~ In)' gRrd('11 I like to look _ Ihl' 11'l'C'_ II \\'1111 pianlf'd my frif'oll Y ('hanll'l' Ihl' ptef h of Ihp foilowlnK She ,aid, I IlallJl('d Ih f'lIIlfIl lIf1r Illolh r said thailihe wall \'1'1 )' happy Hhl' alllO IIlIld Ihal shp would gille a Jlllrly lhol do)' 10 JOIll ,h .. foilowlDlC ~lueoC 'III,.,jnK Ibe (1111'0 IIllh brar ketJj (3) I tQOd nl'1ll III thf' I'JUUlI I workPd IHUd_ (ull<' a ) (b) Tho df@q WII nlN', It u. H'r)' 1:0..11)'. (UII(' but) (tl Sh,' \. ,I.rlter Sh,· hi! wnlll'D nlall), l:ltoml'!> (lIJ:j(' .... ·ho) P RT - B 5)(10=50 InlJlruclicmll I) Imw 'l'/ fll l file qttnJW1Ia. (::, (/.Xo, 11 11/ / ff arP oompulso/)'. ,1) All qlll':>/um. COI'f)' '/un mnrkil. 11 Whal a .... Ih,' u of leamln&' EnJliah Whal ore some 'Of Ihe problpUiR of Il'armnr t:nJlu.h ? 308i·P91 , lC'ontd ...  C-Ot-CHOT/M-,01 U What lire the uS(>s of I ict~onary ? E)I;plain m delaiL 13 Complete thr folIowmg conver~ation , Fill 111 the blanks with appropl'iale questions, Radhi! : Gl;'etfl: My first dllY lit , colJegfl was very exciting, Hartha : OE'ela: The seniu!' students are V!'1'y nice lind helpful Radha : Geeta: The college liming~ are fl'om 8 m   to 2 p,m Badha : Geeta: QUI collegn dOl'sn't have A il ls   ~ hOllt!'1 Radha : Geela: The college is neal' the CNltral nllll'kE'l, 14 Dl!$ClibE' your classroom in al 1E 811t ten sentenc!'s. Read the foUowillg and make nece9!:!al'Y corrections.  My fnend do not have a cycle. As hl>r house is far from th e C()llege she cannot come to college by walk. She coma to C()llege by bUll evel')'day. One day she ran fllstly to catch a bu~ but fell down. I took hI'!' to home. She i8 happily today because she wona a pnzl'. E\ ' elybodr are encouralPng hE'r . ShE' have done well. 16 Write a set of instructions that you (lve to your fflend who is planning a birthday party. 17 Write a paragraph about your favouritE' frcMom fightl;'!' 18 RE'ad the following and flnswer Lhe quelitioDII thal follow. A star is the ball or \'el')' hot gas which .. hull'S br Its own light. Planets , as you know, and our moon, Wo, 8hme only by light reDacted from the lIun. And planet -l; hin(! wilh fI IItl'ady light while starl> apllE'lIr to tWIIlk1I' . Thill 18 c:au6<'d , oet·P9] IContd ..  C~T '-101 by .uba~ in the air betw«»n the .. tar and the earth. The un.teady.u bends the li,ht £rom the .tar , and then it &e('U\ !\ to twinkle. Why doee our lun wn ?8e(:au.te i i8 aI tar Andnot a very bil or bnabt Itar II' th., . Compllre   aU tbe olhN' MarS io u uy , It llpt be eoaa.dered D1etbum   alld IIltIdiWll-bnclu. 'l'here ~ aulhons of _tan that aN .roaller lhaa OW' 1llG . And IDlIOy .tara are ,vera) hundl'f'dhrof'll larpr lIlan \he IUD . TbeylookamaUonly beeaUMI they  ~ . far .w-r . Ever $iDee lhe dll) of the Grt'f'k'ra, tome 2000 yean alO. the lI&arl hllvebeendiYldf'd lOW claAll('1l ac:t'Ol'dinC 0 their mqrutude~, or bri.htlleu .Anotherway of C1'OQpinc .lars i8 atCOI'dlnc to tbeir 'pe!:ua or the kll\d ollipt that comell from tbe lllan . (a) Why do lltan twinkle? (b) Wby do lookUDall ? {c) How an lllan ehl_fitod ?  cO Spectra meaD'.ã .. . ...... (e) Surs shine as they renee' the licht from the $1111 . ( ....... obe) soel-PII !l55601 ã
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