Dr. Chatterton's second report

This report incorporates the new information from Dr. Koren.
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  CNC forensic toxicclogy services Stotemeni of: Occupollon of trVllness: Relotlng lo: I declore lhot: 06 June 2014 This slotement consisting of 26 poges eoch signed by me, is hue to the besi of my knowledge ond belief ond I moko it knowing thot if it is lendered in svidence I shsll be liqble 1o proseculion if I hove wilfully itoted in it onythingwhich I know to be folse or do not believe to be true. WITNESS STATEMENT DT CRAIG NICHOLAS CHANERTON B.Sc, M.Sc, CChem, MRSC Consultont Forensic Toxicologist Reference: CNCFIS 28-l 2b SignotureG 4-- ft Signolure: -- Poge 1 of 26  Coniinuotion of the Slotement of: Dr CRAIG NICHOLAS CHAIERTON B.Sc, M.Sc, CChem, tutRSC Ref erence: CNCFIS 2B-1 2b QUALIFICATIONS The Univenity of Liverpool oworded me the degrees of Bochelor of Science {Hons), Moster of Science ond Docior in Philosophy (Chemistryi. I om o Choriered Chemist (CChem) ond o Member of the Royol Society of Chemisiry {MRSC). I om olso o member of the followingsocieiies: The Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFI); Jhe lnternotionol Associotion of Forensic Toxicologists (TlAFl'); The Socieiy of Hoir Testing (SOHT); The Uniied Kingdom ond lrelond Associotion of Forensic Toxicologists {UKIAFI); The Alberto Society for Humon Toxicology (AsHT). Frorn Morch 2001 uniil October 2OO9 I wos employed by the Forensic Science Service os o forensic toxicologist, ihot is, I wos responsible for the onolysis ond interpretotion of biologicolsomples {including hoir) for the presence of olcohol, drugs of obuse ond o wide ronge of medicinol/phormoceuticol drugs. During ihis time I wos opproved os on Authorised Anolyst by the Home Secrelory. ln oddition, I wos registered with, ond on ossessor for the Council of Registered Forensic Proctiiionen (CRFP) untilihis orgonisoiion ceosed business in 2009. As o senior reporting otficer within the Forensic Science Service, I wos fully troined ond responsible for the onolysis ond subsequent interpretoiion of biologicol somples (including hoir) for the presence of olcohol, drugs of obuse ond o wide ronge of medicinol/phormoceuticol drugs, using knowledge derived from the study of themedicol/scientific literoiure ond experience derived from cose work. I Poge 2 ot 26  II I Continuotion of lhe Stotement of: Dr CRAIG NICHOIAS CHAilERTON B.Sc, M.Sc, CChem, MRSC Reference: CNCFIS 28-12bFrom 2004 to 2006 I held the position within the Forensic Science Service of Service DeliveryTeom Leoder for the notionoi Rood Trotfic Alcohol {RTA) ond Drug-Driving Unit {DDU), where I monoged o lorge number of stotf to process ond deliver in excess of 15,000 cose somples per yeor. I retumed to forensic toxicology cosework in December 2006 ond continued to report {ond peer review) o full rqnge of cose-types including criminol toxicology, rood troffic offences (including olcohol technicol (hip-flosk) defence), HM Coroners' cosework ond privote ioxicology cosework. This work included reporting, interpreting ond peer reviewing the onolysis of hoir somples. I hove presented ospecis of my work internotionolly (society of Forensic Toxicologists) ond to locol police forces throughout the United Kingdom. I hove givenorol testimony in mony courfs throughout the Uniled Kingdom ond hove given television ond medio inierviews in relotion io my work ond involvement in mojor investigotions. including theShonnon Motthews ond John Worboys' investigotions. where I wos the senior scientistresponsible for the toxicology ospects of these coses. ln October 2OO9 I left the Forensic Science Service in order to toke up the position ofConsultoni Toxicologist / Business Development Monoger (UK ond lrelond) for Eurofins Forensic Services. I wos oppointed os on Extemol Exominer for Bournemouth University in 2Ol0{BSc (Hons) Forensic ond Biologicol Sciences). I estoblished my own forensic toxicology business (CNC Forensic Toxicology Services Ltd) in September 2010. ln July 20] I I wos oppoinied Deputy Chief Toxicologist, Office of The Chief Medicol Exominer, Edmonton, Albertol ,l I t T Signoture: - Poge 3 of 26  I II t I Continuolion of the Stotement of: Dr CRAIG NICHOLAS CHAIERTON B.Sc, iA.Sc, CChem, iARSC Ref erence: CN CFfS 28-1 2b REQUEST I hove been instrucled by Lockyer Compbell Posner. Bonisters ond Soliciiors, to commenl on reports prepored by Douglos E ROLLINS, Dr Gideon KOREN, Joey GARERI ond Totyono KARASKOV in response io testimony thot I provided on the 5m Morch 2013 regording the cose of R v Tomoro BROOMFIELD. I fint responded io this request with o reporl doted I orh Morch 2014. Moteriols provided to mefor my comment included documents comporing Motherisk ELISA results with GC-MS ond LC- MS results on the some somples. Two documents were provided io me os if they were s seporote series of doto. I hove since been informed thot this wos on error. This reporlincorporotes the new informotion ond reploces my repori of lOrn Morch 20]4. DOCUMENTATION PROVIDEDI hove been provided with snd/or hod occess to the following dgcumentotion: ' Letter/report from Dr Gideon KOREN (Director, The Molherisk progrom) doted Jonuory il. 201 3 Supplementory report from Joey GARERI doted June l7,2O1g Letter/reporJ from Dr Douglos E RoLLtNs doted september zs,2013 Supplementory letter (drofted by Joey GARERI) from Totyono KARASKOV doied Jonuory 9,2014 Dr ROLLINS' Cuniculun Vifoe : a a I :: T :;   Signoiure:Poge 4 of 26
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