(Draft Article) It was asked: Why does God let there be so much suffering on Earth?

(Draft Article) It was asked: Why does God let there be so much suffering on Earth?
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   سبـلاـمحرايحرا Someone asked the qest!on" #$h% does &od 'et the(e )e so m*h s+e(!n, on -a(th./ Somet!mes th!s !s 0o''o1ed )% the de*'a(at!on )% *e(ta!n 2eo2'e that" #&!3en that the(e !s so m*h s+e(!n, on the -a(th4 !t !s !m2oss!)'e to )e'!e3e !n the e5!sten*e o0 a 1!se &od/6$e ha3e to sa% that th!s qest!on !s !n 0a*t 3e(% 1eak 0(om a 2h!'oso2h!*a' 2o!nt o0 3!e16 7he (eason 0o( th!s !s the anth(o2o*ent(!* assm2t!on" #80 &od e5!sts4 then ens(!n, the ,(eatest 2'eas(e 0o( the h!,hest nm)e( o0 hman )e!n,s sho'd )e 9!s 2(!ma(% (es2ons!)!'!t%6 :the(1!se4 &od *annot )e sa!d to e5!st6/$e !mmed!ate'% not!*e that th!s assm2t!on !s s!m2'% n0onded6 7he ;s'!m sa%s that the on'% th!n, ne*essa(% 0o( the *(eat(e to )e a *om2'ete )e!n, a(e those !nt(!ns!* d!mens!ona' *ha(a*te(!st!*s he<she 2ossesses s*h as 'en,th4 1!dth4 et*64 atan% ,!3en moment6 7he 0ee'!n,s o0 2'eas(e and 2a!n that a 2e(son e52e(!en*es a(e me(e'% 2oss!)!'!t!es that ma% o( ma% not )e 2(esent !n d!+e(!n, qant!t!es th(o,hot a 2e(son=s '!0e6 7(th )e to'd4 the 3e(% 0a*t that 2a!n and 2'eas(e )oth e5!st a(e 2(oo0s o0 >''ah=s -5!sten*e4 s!n*e the% a(e )oth 1!th!n the (ea'm o0 *ont!n,ent 2oss!)!'!t!es4 and s*h 2oss!)!'!t!es a(e a'1a%s t!ed to the $!'' and ?o1e( o0 >''ah @ to )(!n, them a)ot o( 'ea3e them !n the (ea'm o0 AonB-5!sten*e as 9e de*!des6Com!n, )a*k to the #anth(o2o*ent(!* assm2t!on/ 1e noted a)o3e4 1e see that s*h a s22os!t!on 1o'd )e an attem2t to !m2ose o)'!,at!ons on >''ah Do0 the 0o(m" #80 %o *(eate hmans4 %o )ette( kee2 them 0(ee 0(om s+e(!n,/E6 9o1e3e(4 1e seethat s*h a statement o0 s22osed o)'!,at!on *annot ha3e an% t(e e+e*t4 s!n*e !n s*h a *ase !t 1o'd (e3ea' a 1eakness !n >''ah6  7h!s 1o'd )e so s!n*e the soB*a''ed #C(eato(BC(eat!on (e'at!onsh!2/ 1o'd !n 0a*t '!te(a''% )e a #0eed)a*k 'oo2/ 1he(e the #*(eated )e!n,s/ and the #C(eato(/ a(e *onFated !n the!( nat(es6 7he *onFat!on o**(s s!n*e G!n s*h a h%2othet!*a' s*ena(!oH the *(eated tho,hts and o2!n!ons o0 hmans 1o'd ha3e a '!te(a''% t(e4 se(!a' e+e*t on the a*t!ons o0 >''ah4 and the(e 1o'd )e )as!*a''% no onto'o,!*a' d!+e(en*e )et1een the *(eat!on and >''ah6:0 *o(se4 !n e3e(%da% 2a('an*e 1e sa% @ 0o( e5am2'e B that >''ah )esto1ed *e(ta!n 0a3o(s on a 2e(son de to the 2e(son=s s22'!*at!on4 )t !0 1e ,et !nto the dee2e( 8s'am!* meta2h%s!*a' 3!e1 o0 th!s matte(4 1e see that e3en the 2e(son=s s22'!*at!on!s a C(eat!on o0 >''ah and !s tota''% s2e*!Ied and )(o,ht !nto )e!n, )% >''ah4 so !t !s not that >''ah 1as '!te(a''% #mo3ed )% *om2ass!on<2!t%/ de to the s22'!*at!on o0 the 2e(son680 !t !s o)Je*ted that th!s 2(esentat!on !s d(% and 1!thot emot!on4 1e (es2ond that the o)Je*t!on !tse'0 makes a #d(%/ s22os!t!on a)ot a meta2h%s!*a' t(th4 and 1e  a(e 0o(*ed to ans1e( 0(om th!s an,'e4 1hose methods and 3o*a)'a(% a(e !n3a(!a)'% d(% and st(a!,htB0o(1a(d6;an% 2eo2'e 1!'' )e sat!sIed )% th!s ans1e(6 9o1e3e(4 othe(s 1!'' kee2 2sh!n, the !sse )% sa%!n," #80 &od *an )(!n, a)ot ha22!ness 0o( the 2eo2'e )t !nstead )(!n,sa)ot 'oss and s+e(!n,4 then 1h% sho'd 8 1o(sh!2 s*h a ma'e3o'ent *(eat(e./$e sa% that th!s !s on'% an e5tens!on o0 the !n!t!a' anth(o2o*ent(!* assm2t!on6 8n he(e4 e3e(%da% deIn!t!ons o0 ,ood and )ad as the% a(e a22'!ed !n hman !nte(a*t!ons a(e 2(oJe*ted nto >''ah4 and statements a(e made )ased on th!s assm2t!on6 Kt 1e sa% that the assm2t!on !tse'0 !s tota''% !n*o((e*t and !na22'!*a)'e to >''ah4 as a(e the ma5!ms that ma% )e 1!de'% taken to deIne mo(a' )eha3!o( Gs*h as the ,o'den ('e" #:ne sho'd t(eat othe(s as one 1o'd '!ke othe(sto t(eat onese'0/4 1h!*h !s !m2oss!)'e to )e a22'!ed to >''ah the -5a'ted4 s!n*e the a*t!ons o0 the se(3ants a(e a'' C(eat!ons o0 >''ah4 so ho1 *an the% ha3e a #t(e e+e*t/ on >''ah.HCom!n, to the matte( o0 1o(sh!24 1e sa% that 1o(sh!2 !s not done me(e'% de to the 0a3o(s 1e ha3e (e*e!3ed 0(om 9!m4 )t a'so to ,'o(!0% >''ah4 that 9e !s the on'% Ae*essa(% -5!stent 1ho !s Se'0BSL*!ent4 and that e3e(%th!n, e'se4 a'' *(eat(es4 0ee'!n,s4 and emot!ons4 a(!se and a(e )'otted ot so'e'% de to 9!s $!''4 ?o1e(4 and >*t o0 C(eat!on6 $hen the !ns!,n!I*an*e o0 the se(3ant da1ns 2on h!m4 then he ma% nde(stand that a'' 2(a!ses a(e to de to >''ah4 s!n*e no matte( 1hat state >''ah2ts 2eo2'e !nto4 1hethe( o0 e5t(eme ha22!ness4 e5t(eme sadness o( someth!n, !n )et1een4 the !ns!,n!I*an*e o0 the *(eat(es 1!'' (ema!n !nta*t4 as 1!'' the *om2'ete So3e(e!,n!t% o0 >''ah the -5a'ted6
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