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Draft Constitution of Zambia (Oct 2014)

The draft version of the Zambian Constitution was released to parliament by the draft committee on 23 October 2014.
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  THE CONSTITUTION OF ZAMBIA  ___________ ARRANGEMENT OF ARTICLES PREAMBLE Article PART I SUPREMACY OF CONSTITUTION 1.   Supremacy of Constitution 2.   Defence of Constitution 3.   Continuous effect of Constitution PART II SOVEREIGNTY 4.   Republic of Zambia 5.   Sovereign authority 6.   National symbols 7.   Laws of Zambia PART III NATIONAL VALUES, PRINCIPLES AND ECONOMIC POLICIES 8.   National values and principles 9.   Application of national values and principles 10.   Basis of economic policies 11.   President’s report on appli cation of values and principles PART IV CITIZENSHIP 12.   Existing citizenship 13.   Categories of citizenship  2 14.   Citizenship by birth 15.   Citizenship by descent 16.   Citizenship by registration 17.   Citizenship by adoption 18.   Dual citizenship 19.   Renunciation and deprivation of citizenship 20.   Citizenship Board of Zambia 21.   Entitlements of citizen 22.   Responsibilities of citizen 23.   Reference to citizenship of parent PART V   BILL OF RIGHTS Status, Application and Interpretation 24.   Status of Bill of Rights 25.   Recognition of role of civil society 26.   Interpretation of Bill of Rights Civil and Political Rights 27.   Protection from discrimination 28.   Right to life 29.   Freedom of person 30.   Protection from inhuman treatment and security of person 31.   Protection from slavery, servitude and forced labour 32.   Protection of privacy of person, home, property and communication 33.   Freedom of conscience, belief and religion 34.   Freedom of expression 35.   Access to information 36.   Freedom of media  3 37.   General political rights 38.   Freedom of association 39.   Right to assemble, demonstrate, picket and petition 40.   Freedom of movement and residence 41.   Refugees and asylum seekers 42.   Acquisition and protection of property 43.   Equality before law 44.   Fair administration 45.   Access to justice 46.   Rights of suspects 47.   Rights of persons in custody 48.   Rights of accused persons and detainees 49.   Fair trial 50.   Right to re-trial and re-examination of evidence 51.   Equality of both gender Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights  52.   Economic and social rights 53.   Choice of trade, occupation or profession 54.   Labour relations 55.   Consumer rights 56.   Language, culture and intellectual property rights 57.   Environment 58.   Progressive realisation of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights Further and Special Rights 59.   Further rights for older members of society 60.   Further protections and rights relating to marriage and family 61.   Special and further rights for children  4 62.   Further rights for youth 63.   Further protection of young person 64.   Further rights for persons with disabilities Non-Derogable Rights and Freedoms, Limitations and Derogations 65.   Non-derogable rights and freedoms 66.   Limitations on rights and freedoms 67.   Limitations and restrictions under law 68.   Derogation of rights and freedoms during emergency or national disaster 69.   Measures applicable during war or emergency Enforcement of Bill of Rights 70.   Enforcement of Bill of Rights 71.   Report on realisation of rights and freedoms PART VI   REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE   Electoral Systems and Process  72.   Principles of electoral systems and process 73.   Franchise 74.   Electoral systems 75.   Electoral process 76.   Systems for administering elections 77.   Access to media 78.   Independent candidates 79.   Nominations 80.   Unopposed candidates 81.   Electoral code of conduct
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