TABLE OF CONTENTS The Job Market Applying for a job Writing your CV and your Application Letter Interviews The Law- General Aspects The vocabulary of Crime and the Law Justice Reading Comprehension POLITICS – The Role of Government Sentencing The Legal Profession in Britain Short History of Invaders of Britain What is History? Short History of the British Isles The Foundation of the British Law- Magna Carta & Habeas Corpus Act Basic Law Terms English Legal History Sources of Contemporary Englis
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  TABLE OF CONTENTS The Job MarketApplying for a jobWriting your CV and your Application Letter InterviewThe Law! eneral ApectThe vocabulary of Cri#e and the LawJutice$eading Co#prehenion%&LITIC' ( The $ole of overn#ent'entencingThe Legal %rofeion in )ritain'hort *itory of Invader of )ritainWhat i *itory+'hort *itory of the )ritih IleThe ,oundation of the )ritih Law! Magna Carta - *abea Corpu Act)aic Law Ter#.nglih Legal *itory'ource of Conte#porary .nglih Law)ritain/ 'yte# of overn#entThe Monarchy and the MonarchThe )ritih %arlia#entThe )ritih Legal 'yte#The )ritih Court 'yte#Court and TribunalLegal %roceedingTrial in reat )ritain%articipant in a TrialAt trial&n appealCri#inal procedureThe )ritih police  THE JOB MARKET 0  1.  $ead through the job advertie#ent below 1ad 0 to 023 and then decide which would bethe #ot uitable appoint#ent for each of the following applicant4Thee advertie#ent appeared in The Ti#e newpaper5 but the na#e5 addree and phonenu#ber of private co#panie have been changed4 ã An applicant with three year/ e6perience in property litigation4 *e 7 he doen/t wantto live in London4 ã An applicant with three year/ e6perience dealing with bankruptcy cae and whowant to work in London a a olicitor4 ã  An applicant who want to be hi7her own bo and beco#e a partner rather than ane#ployee4 *e7 he i not fond of the city of London but ha a tate for lu6ury ( including fat car4 ã An applicant with ten year/ e6perience in fa#ily law and who doe not want to work a a olicitor4 ã An applicant who i a graduate lawyer and ha jut co#pleted hi7her article4 Ad 1 48  Ad 2.Ad 3. 9  Ad 4. :
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