Drug Study Congestive Heart Failure

drugs for chf
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  Date OrdredDrug nameAction IndicationNursing Responsibilities July 4,5,6Furosemide 40mgI! 6 Classifcation: #ardio$ascular drug % &oop DiureticsIn'ibits sodium and c'loride reabsorption at pro(imal tubules,distal tubules and ascending loop o) *enley leading to e(cretion o) +ater toget'er +it' sodium, c'loride and potassium, diuretics, anti'ypertensi$e Absorption:  -I   tract .60/%0/1I2I! .administration1 Distribution: 35/ protein bound Metabolism: &i$er .0/%40/1 Excretion:  50/%0/ idneys Hal-lie: 0 min to 7 'our8OI2I!Onset7'r0 mins5 min8ea 7%9'r:nno+n0 minsDuration6%'r4%'rs9 'rs ;reatment o) edema associated +it' congesti$e 'eart )ailure, 'ypertension  Instruct patient to tae +it' )ood or mil i) -I symptoms o) nausea and anore(ia  In)orm patient t'at t'is drug causes a loss o) potassium, t'ere)ore )ood ric' in potassium s'ould added to t'e diet   ;eac' patient not to use alco'ol or any O;# medication +it'out p'ysician<s appro$al becauseo) t'e danger o) serious drugreaction  Date OrdredDrug nameAction IndicationNursing Responsibilities   July 4,5,6Aldactone 95mgtab 7 tab =ID Classifcation: #ardio$ascular drugs > Aldosterone AntagonistAntagoni?e aldosterone in t'e distal tubules, increasingsodium and +ater e(cretion Absorption: -I tract@ +ell absorbed Distribution:  crosses placenta Metabolism: li$er to canrenone Excretion: Renal@ breast mil*al)%&i)e 79%94 'rs .canrenone1Onset94%4 'rs8ea4%9 'rsDuration :nno+n2anagement o) edematous condition in #*F, treatment o) 'ypoalemia  Instruct patient to tae medication early in day to pre$entneed to urinate at nig't, I) secondclose is needed, tell 'im to tae )ood in early a)ternoon  Barn patient t'at a$oid t'at a$oiddri$ing or ot'er 'a?ardous acti$ities i) alertness re uire, di??iness and con)usion may occur  Ad$ice patient not to use alco'ol, or O;# medication +it'out p'ysician<s order@ serious drug reaction may occur 
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