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DSBA Residential Agreement

Standard Tenancy Agreement written by the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association, used for leasing property in Ireland, from 2005 on.
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  RESIDENTIAL LETTING AGREEMENTPRIVATE HOUSE OR APARTMENT 1  NOTICE No responsibility is accepte by t!e D blin Solicitors #ar Association or t!e a t!ors $or errors oro%issions in t!is oc %ent& T!is a'ree%ent is intene as a speci%en only an s!o l be a%ene ine(ery case to s it t!e partic lar circ %stances pre(ailin'& In aition) t!is speci%en re$lects t!e la* aso$ +ebr ary ,) -../) an t!ere is a s bstantial n %ber o$ le'islati(e re$erences an practice notescontaine in t!e speci%en on *!ic! t!e ra$tin' is base) *!ic! s!o l be c!ec0e in eac! case an pate *!ere necessary&No part o$ t!is oc %ent %ay be repro ce in any %aterial $or%) store in any retrie(al syste% 1e2ceptin t!e case o$ a sin'le bac0 p copy3) or trans%itte in any $or% or by any %eans) electronic) %ec!anical)printin') p!otocopyin') recorin') or ot!er*ise *!et!er c rrently a(ailable or yet to be in(ente an*!et!er or not transiently or incientally to so%e ot!er se o$ t!is p blication3 *it!o t t!e *rittenper%ission o$ t!e D blin Solicitors #ar Association e2cept in accorance *it! t!e pro(isions o$ t!eCopyri'!t an Relate Ri'!ts Act -... or p rs ant to t!e ter%s o$ a licence iss e by t!e D blinSolicitors #ar Association& T!e oin' o$ an na t!orise act in relation to a copyri'!t *or0 %ay res lt in bot! a ci(il clai% $ora%a'es an cri%inal prosec tion& 4D blin Solicitors #ar Association 1-../3& All ri'!ts reser(e& 2  SPOUSE5S CONSENTI bein' t!e Spo se o$ t!e Lanlor consent p rs ant to Section 6 o$ t!e +a%ily Ho%e Protection Act ,789to t!e lettin' o$ t!e D*ellin' on t!e ter%s o$ t!is A'ree%ent&Date:   SIGNED by t!e sai   in t!e presence o$:   3  THIS LETTING AGREEMENT is dated the day of (month) (year) #ET;EEN:   1Lanlor5s Na%e3 o$ Lanlor5s aress:   Lanlor5s telep!one<%obile<e=%ail:   Lanlor5s Personal P blic Ser(ice No& 1PPSN3:   Na%e an aress o$ Lanlor5s A'ent 1i$ any3:   A'ent5s telep!one<%obile<e=%ail:   ANDTHE TENANT:   Tenant5s aress 1aress o$ rente D*ellin'3:   Tenant5s telep!one<%obile<e=%ail:   Tenant5s Personal P blic Ser(ice No& 1PPSN3:   THE D;ELLING:to'et!er *it! t!e + rnit re an Appliances liste in t!e +irst Sc!e le&No& o$ be spaces:   4
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