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  University of Ontario Institute of Technology COMM 2530U: Advertising and Society Fall 2014 2nd Short Paper (20%) Weight: 20% of a student’s overall grade in the course.  Due date:  November 10, 2014, 11:59PM. Late submissions will be penalized 3% for each day (including Saturdays and Sundays) that they are overdue. Assignments that are seven or more days late (i.e., after November 16) will not be accepted, and will receive a 0%. Length requirements: 500-750 words (or 2-3 pages), including title or bibliography works cited  pages. For every 100 words under or over the word count, papers will be penalized 2%, e.g., a 300-word paper will incur a 4% penalty, while a 875-word paper will be levied a 2% penalty.  Formatting requirements:  Double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman/Arial/Cambria. APA citation style, with a bibliography or works cited page and a cover page that includes student name, number, and course information, along with “2nd Short Paper” as the title. Students should upload their assignment to Blackboard as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx). Files should be named as follows: “Surname-FirstName-StudentNumber,” e.g., “Shin-Dale-123456789.docx” Turnitin:  Students can upload papers to Turnitin through the module on Blackboard (under “Assignments”). For their paper to be accepted for grading, students must produce a similarity index score lower than 20%. Papers submitted with a score of 20% or higher will not be graded, and will be considered late after the due date, until they are resubmitted with a satisfactory score. Assignments can be resubmitted as many times as necessary in order to produce a satisfactory score. Note: students may opt out of Turnitin by signing and submitting a waiver form, either by e-mail or in person; the form is available on the home page of Blackboard. Those who decline use of Turnitin will be required to submit their notes and drafts along with their assignment. General instructions:  The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the student’s ability to closely read and explicate an academic text, as well as articulate an informed critical opinion about it. As such, the exegesis will be evaluated according to the following three criteria: 1.   their use and explication of the primary text, that is, how accurately and consistently they represent the position being elaborated by the author(s), demonstrating that they have undertaken a close engagement of the course material through quotes, paraphrases, etc. 2.   their ability to critically analyze and evaluate the merits and weaknesses of the main ideas expressed in the text, and to articulate an opinion or argument about the latter’s relevance for the study of modern communication, culture, and identity, with supporting reasons, examples, and evidence where relevant 3.   the quality of writing, as reflected both in the attention to proofreading, editing, citations, etc., to limit typographical, grammatical, and other errors, and in the observance of the assignment’s formal and technical requirements, e.g., citation style, spacing and margins, etc.  University of Ontario Institute of Technology COMM 2530U: Advertising and Society Fall 2014 Answer the following. 1.   Summarize either a) Richley and Ponty’s account of the Product RED campaign and their critique of corporate social responsibility; b) Julie Dowsett’s expose of the Dove Real Beauty campaign and its brand of “commodity feminism”; or c) Joseph Rumbo’s criticisms of Adbusters and the limitations of anti-consumerism. Do you agree or disagree with Richley-Ponty, Dowsett, and Rombo that forms of advertising and consumerism styled as “ethical,” “socially responsible” or “anti-consumerist” are just as often as not self-serving ways for companies to promote themselves? Or can we say these efforts at getting consumers to shop well or companies to be socially responsible ultimately do more good than harm?
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