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  Original Text:   DURHAM, N.C. —  A patient has been admitted to Duke University Hospital for further evaluation and testing for potential Ebola virus infection, the hospital said on Sunday night. Officials said the patient left Liberia and arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport on Friday, which is one of five airports screening people for illnesses linked to Ebola. The patient had no symptoms upon arrival in the United States. The patient arrived in Person County on Saturday and developed a fever on Sunday. The person was then transferred to Duke University Hospital. “It is important to note that the individual’s fever could indicate other illnesses,” said a health official at a Sunday night press conference.   “We expect to know the results of this tes t from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services sometime Monday morning,” the hospital said in a statement. “Meanwhile, the patient is being cared for in the same confined, isolated and secured space in which an actual Ebola patient would be treated. The patient is receiving care from a seasoned team of Duke clinical professionals who have completed extensive training to treat such a patient. We have anticipated this possibility for several weeks now and have a plan in  place to manage this situation .”       Translation: ار   قودا      ش   ا   ضٌر   لخد   مٌاٌا   لو   توا   ن   دٌزا   وٌا   سورٌ   ا . دا   ٌ   شا      تر      ضٌرا   ن   نوو    لوو   ٌرٌٌ   ردغدٌ   يذا   ًودا   ًٌر   كراوٌ   رط   ا   لو   خ   ن   داو . وٌا   سورٌ   ما   لا   صخشا   ص   مو   ًا   تارط   ا   نا   رذٌوو   ضارا   ٌا   ٌ   رظ   م   ضٌر . هدا   تٌوا   ا   وو   لو   دا   موٌ   ا   ضارا   ٌ   تدو   تا   موٌ   نورٌ   ط   ا   ضٌرا   لو   و   د . قودا      ش   ا   نا   ما   ن ً   نٌو ا   دا      حر      اذ ىرخا   ضارا   ا   رٌش   د   ا   ن   م . دا   موٌ      د   ً   ر    ً   ا   ن   نٌثا   موٌ   ح   ن      تو   ً   توا   جئ   رو   عو   ن ش   نٌ   ًو   ثا   هذ   ًو , ٌاو   ٌا   تدخ   ٌارو   لش   ةرئادً   ضٌرا   ٌ   فوًا   لزاو   راٌٌ   ً   ٌار   ًٌوٌ   با   صخشاوٌا   سول   ن   عو   و . ا   ك   لث   او   قطا   عاو   بٌرد   ما   د   ن   فر   يرٌر   سر   قٌرذ   ا   هذ   لث   اوداو   وو   طخ   ٌد   ناو   عٌا .     Paraphrase: A potential Ebola patient has been taken to Duke University Hospital for more scrutiny( صٌ ),   the   hospital   said   late   on   Sunday. Newark Liberty International Airport, is one of five airports which scan people for potential Ebola Virus, received the patient on Friday who was in Liberia, officials said. The patient was clear from any symptoms when he had arrived to US. On Saturday, in Person County where the patient arrived there was no indication about any illness ,but in the next day he suffered from a fever and due to this situation he has been transferred to hospital. Fever does not mean that we have an Ebola case since it(fever) is an indication for many illnesses ,  a health official said late on Sunday at a press conference. In a statement issued from the hospital  The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services will reveal the results of the test at sometime on Monday morning ... At that time the patient will be under health Quarantine at a secured place as an Ebola patient who is receiving a treatment and a well trained professional clinical team from Duke Hospital who has will care for the patient .The Ebola outbreak triggers the possibility of facing such issue up in the future and we place a plan to deal with it .  

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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