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EATQ-R Scoresheet Withsyntax

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  Early Adolescent Temperament Questionnaire-Revised Scale Defnitions – Long FormTemperament ScalesActivation Control  The capacity to perform an action when there is a strong tendency to avoid it. A!liation  The desire for warmth and closeness with others, independent of shyness or extraversion. Activity Level  Participation in activities requiring high levels of physical activity. Attention  The capacity to focus attention as well as to shift attention whendesired. Fear Unpleasant aect related to anticipation of distress. Frustration Negative aect related to interruption of ongoing tasks or goallocking. ig# $ntensity %leasure&Surgency  The pleasure derived from activities involving high intensity or novelty. $n#i'itory Control  The capacity to plan, and to suppress inappropriate responses. %leasure Sensitivity !mount of pleasure related to activities or stimuli involving low intensity, rate, complexity, novelty, and incongruity. %erceptual Sensitivity etection or perceptual awareness of slight, low#intensity stimulation in the environment. S#yness $ehavioral inhiition to novelty and challenge, especially social. (e#avioral ScalesAggression %ostile and aggressive actions, including person# and o&ect#directed physical violence, direct and indirect veral aggression, and hostile reactivity. Depressive )ood Unpleasant aect and lowered mood, loss of en&oymentand interest in activities. Composition o* scales and scale alp#as 'ased on item analysis+ Eet,-R initial study+ ./00 123 *emales+ 45 males67 Age./8752-  /5722 years+ me an age./97047Scales are scored suc# t#at a #ig# score on a scale indicates t#at t#e individual is #ig# in t#at attri'ute7 Reversed scored items indicated 'y :R:7 Note' (ost statistics programs will carry out these steps for you. Users of )P)) can copy the following commands into a syntax *le to reverse items and calculate scale scores. The syntax assumes that items are titled +eatqr+, +eatqr-+, +eatqr+, etc. /t is also assumed that no score was entered when caregivers omitted an item or checked + oes not apply+. 01(PUT2 eatqr3r 4 56#eatqr37. 01(PUT2 eatqr-8r 4 56#eatqr-87. 01(PUT2 eatqr99r 4 56#eatqr997. 01(PUT2 eatqr6-r 4 56#eatqr6-7. 01(PUT2 eatqr38r 4 56#eatqr387. 01(PUT2 eatqr88r 4 56#eatqr887. 01(PUT2 eatqr9:r 4 56#eatqr9:7. 01(PUT2 eatqr:-r 4 56#eatqr:-7. 01(PUT2 eatqr6:r 4 56#eatqr6:7. 01(PUT2 eatqr-:r 4 56#eatqr-:7. 01(PUT2 eatqr-r 4 56#eatqr-7. 01(PUT2 eatqr-r 4 56#eatqr-7. 01(PUT2 eatqr--r 4 56#eatqr--7. 01(PUT2 eatqr;r 4 56#eatqr;7. 01(PUT2 eatqr89r 4 56#eatqr897. 01(PUT2 eatqr8:r 4 56#eatqr8:7. 01(PUT2 eatqr8<r 4 56#eatqr8<7. 01(PUT2 eatqr6r 4 56#eatqr67. 01(PUT2 eatqr8r 4 56#eatqr87. 01(PUT2 eatqr;9r 4 56#eatqr;97. 01(PUT2 eatqr;-r 4 56#eatqr;-7. 01(PUT2 eatqr9-r 4 56#eatqr9-7. 01(PUT2 eatqr63r 4 56#eatqr637. 01(PUT2 actico 4 mean 5eatqr3r, eatqr-8r, eatqr-, eatqr99r, eatqr:, eatqr:9, eatqr::, eatqr6-r7.01(PUT2 a 4 mean 5eatqr-, eatqr6, eatqr83, eatqr9, eatqr39, eatqr36, eatqr66, eatqr;87.01(PUT2 agg 4 mean 5eatqr9, eatqr<, eatqr6, eatqr, eatqr3, eatqr9;, eatqr:6, eatqr3-, eatqr38r,eatqr68, eatqr;:7.01(PUT2 act 4 mean 5eatqr, eatqr:, eatqr:, eatqr:8, eatqr6, eatqr<<7.01(PUT2 att 4 mean 5eatqr-9, eatqr88r, eatqr9:r, eatqr:-r, eatqr:3, eatqr6:r, eatqr;37.01(PUT2 dep 4 mean 5eatqr, eatqr9, eatqr-:r, eatqr8;, eatqr:<, eatqr;<7.01(PUT2 fea 4 mean 5eatqr, eatqr98, eatqr93, eatqr33, eatqr69, eatqr;7.01(PUT2 inh 4 mean 5eatqr-r, eatqr;, eatqr-<, eatqr-r, eatqr--r, eatqr;r, eatqr89r, eatqr8:r, eatqr3, eatqr6, eatqr6;7.01(PUT2 fru 4 mean 5eatqr8<r, eatqr8-, eatqr96, eatqr3, eatqr3;, eatqr;, eatqr;6, eatqr<, eatqr<-7.01(PUT2 plea 4 mean 5eatqr-6, eatqr<, eatqr8, eatqr86, eatqr9<, eatqr3<, eatqr6<7.01(PUT2 hip 4 mean 5eatqr-, eatqr6, eatqr8r, eatqr3, eatqr-3, eatqr-;, eatqr9, eatqr:, eatqr;9r, eatqr;;, eatqr<7. 01(PUT2 per4 mean 5eatqr8, eatqr, eatqr, eatqr9, eatqr8, eatqr;-r7.  01(PUT2 shy 4 mean 5eatqr:, eatqr;, eatqr8, eatqr9-r, eatqr:;, eatqr3:, eatqr63r7.2=20UT2. Eat,-R Scale Assignments Activation Control+ .4+ Alp#a.709 37>/ have a hard time *nishing things on time.-87>/ do something fun for a while efore starting my homework, even when /?m not supposed to.-7@hen someone asks me to do something, / do it right away, even if / don?t want to. 997>/f my friends are mad at me, / try to stay away from them.:7/ *nish my homework efore the due date.:97/ tend to e on time for school and appointments.::7/f / have a hard assignment to do, / get started right away.6-7>/ put o working on pro&ects until right efore theyAre due. A!liation+ .4+ Alp#a.70; -7/ want to e ale to share my private thoughts with someone else.67/ would like to e ale to spend time with a good friend every day. 837/ en&oy exchanging hugs with people / like.97/ will do most anything to help someone / care aout.397/t is important to me to have close relationships with other people. 367/ like to look at other people?s photographs.667/ am quite a warm and friendly person. ;87/ like to listen to other people talk aout themselves.  Aggression+ .//+ Alp#a.74/ 97/f /Am mad at someody, / tend to say things that / know will hurt their feelings.<7@hen / am angry, / throw or reak things.67/f / get really mad at someone, / might hit them.7@hen / compete in games or sports, / really try to crush my opponents.37/ tend to e rude to people / donAt like.9;7@hen / am mad, / slam doors.:67/ tend to talk aout other people ehind their ack.3-7(y friends and / make fun of how other people look.387>/ donAt criticiBe other people.687@hen /Am really mad at a friend, / tend to explode at them.;:7/ pick on people for no real reason. Activity Level+ .;+ Alp#a.7;5 7/ would rather play a sport than watch TC.:7@hen / do things, / do them with a lot of physical energy.:7/ like to e physically active whenever / have the chance 5sports, dancing, etc.7.:87/ have the energy for hard physical work, like digging in the yard or chopping wood.67Dong winter weekends make me want to get out of the house and do something physical.<<7/ prefer outdoor activities to those indoors. Attention+ .0+ Alp#a.7;5 -97/t is easy for me to really concentrate on homework prolems.887>@hen interrupted or distracted, / forget what / was aout to say.9:7>/ *nd it hard to shift gears when / go from one class to another at school.:-7>@hen trying to study, / have diEculty tuning out ackground noise and concentrating.:37/ am good at keeping track of several dierent things that are happening around me.6:7>/ tend to get in the middle of one thing, then go o and do something else.;37/ pay close attention when someone tells me how to do something.
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