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  Mihai Eminescu From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eminescu redirects here. For other uses, see Eminescu (disambiguation). Mihai Eminescu Born 15 January 1850Botoșani, Moldavia Died 15 June 1889 (aged 39)Bucharest, Roania Occupation !oet, ournalist Genre #$ic, %yric $oetry Literary movement Roanticis Notable works &%ucea'rul&, &crisoarea ***&, &+t+ruos din lacri& Mihai Eminescu  ( Romanian pronunciation: [mihaj eminesku] -- ; born Mihail Eminovici ; 1 !anuary 1 # $ 1 !une 1 %& 'as aRomantic poet, noelist and   journalist, often re)arded as the most famous and influential Romanian poet* +minescu 'as an actie member of the !unimea literary society and he 'orked as an editor for the ne'spaper Timpul   (-he -ime&, the official ne'spaper of the .onseratie /arty (1 #$1%1 &* [1]  0is poetry 'as first published 'hen he 'as 1 and he 'ent to 2ienna to study 'hen he 'as 1%* -he poet3s 4anuscripts, containin) 5 olumes and appro6imately 15,### pa)es, 'ere offered by -itu 4aiorescu as a )ift to the Romanian 7cademy durin) the meetin) that 'as held on 8 !anuary 1%#8* [8]  9otable 'orks include Luceafărul   ( The Vesper/The Eening !tar/The Lucifer/The a#star  &, $dă %n metru antic   ( $de in &ncient 'eter  &, and the fie Letters  ( Epistles/!atires &* n his poems he freuently used metaphysical, mytholo)ical and historical subjects* .ontents [hide] ã 1 <ife o 1*1 Family o 1*8 +arly years o 1*= !tatue o 1*5 <ater life ã 8 Works o 8*1 /oetry o 8*8 /rose o 8*= /resence in +n)lish <an)ua)e 7ntholo)ies ã = Romanian culture o =*1 9ational poet o =*8 cono)raphy o =*= nternational le)acy ã 5 /olitical ie's o 5*1 7ntisemitism ã  References o *1 Footnotes  o *8 9otation ã  +6ternal links Life [edit] Family [edit] Family4ihai +minescu statue, .opou /ark  4ihai +minescu statue, .hiin>u ș 0is father 'as ?heor)he +minoici from .>lineti, a ș  4oldaian illa)e in @uceaa county, Aucoina, 'hich 'as then part of the  7ustrian +mpire ('hile his father came from Aanat&* 0e crossed the border into 4oldaia, settlin) in poteti ș , near the to'n of Aotoani ș * 0e married Raluca uracu, an heiress of an old ș aristocratic 4oldaian family* n a re)ister of the members of !unimea, +minescu himself 'rote do'n the date of his birth as 88 Becember 1 5% and in the documentsof the ?ymnasium from .ern>ui . , 'here +minescu studied, the date of 15 Becember 1 5% is 'ritten do'n as his birthday* 9eertheless, -itu 4aiorescu, in his 'ork Eminescu and is oems  (1 %& uoted 9* B* ?iurescu3s researches and adopted his conclusion re)ardin) the date and place of 4ihai +minescu3s birth, as bein) 1 !anuary 1 #, in Aotoani* -his date resulted from seeral sources, ș amon)st 'hich there 'as a file of notes on christenin)s from the archies of the Cspenia (Bomneasc>& .hurch of Aotoani; inside this file, the date of birth 'as 1 ș !anuary 1 # and the date of christenin) 'as the 81st of the same month* -he dateof his birth 'as confirmed by the poet3s elder sister, 7)lae Bro)li, 'ho affirmed that the place of birth 'as the illa)e of poteti* ș [=]
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