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Economic Analysis Of Trombe Wall

Economic Analysis Of Trombe Wall
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  ABSTRACT In this research, the economic analysis of former experimental study is examined to use solar energy in order to heat buildings. In the related study, a new trombe wall is designed whichstores solar energy as latent heat in order to set up a passive solar heating system. A test roomis built so that certain design parameters of the wall and annual heat performances can beexamined in an experimental way. The south wall of the room which consists of TransparentInsulation Materials (TIM) is designed as a trombe wall having hase !hange Material(!M). The !M wall made of, from inside to outside, insulation, bric", plaster in whichencapsulated !M is buried, air gap and novel designed Transparent Insulation Materials(TIM). The south wall of the room designed according to T#$%&' (Tur"ish #tandards) is builtas two separate segments on the right and the left, and an illumination window in the middle.ubitherm *+ was used in the first segment and ubitherm ' in the second.An important criterion in an energy system is not only performance but also economy. -hichsystem to be chosen is determined after a good economic analysis. In this study, period of redemption which is commonly used in economic analyses is ta"en into consideration. Theadditional cost of trombe wall to the test room is calculated. The period of redemption of thetest room is calculated in terms of energy benefit of !M wall. ue to the fact that the latentheat stored in the segments cannot meet the heat re/uirement of the room, the additionalre/uired heat is provided by different types of fuel. The suitable type of fuel is determinedaccording to costs calculated. It is concluded that it would be more economical to use coal andnatural gas as a source of the additional re/uired heat. -hen the proliferation of theenvironmental problems and the usage of natural gas is ta"en into consideration, it isemphasi0ed that it would be more economic to use natural gas as a source of the additionalre/uired heat. Keywords: Passive solar heating, economic analysis, PCM trombe wall,Erzurum

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Jun 12, 2018

Susunan matahari

Jun 12, 2018
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