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  Xavier University- Ateneo de CagayanCorrales Avenue, Cagayan de Oro CityS.Y. 2014-2015Subitted by! agongon, #ar$ %o&n orres, Oliver '.(itor, )ait& %.Yaaro, *oida A.+du 4 +CSubetted to!#s. %ovelyn elosa, '&. nstrutor Otober, 2014  Abstract /&is aer is entitled /&e #isuse o nstrutional #aterials by t&e 're-Servie3. /&e urose o t&is study is to aa$en t&e eduators to use ell t&einstrutional aterials to &el t&e learners learning roess. t addresses &o t&e 're-servie is ready or giving &is&er instrutions to t&e lesson. /&is tye o resear& usesan observational using t&e &e$list to gat&er inoration ro t&e 're-Servie.  CHAPTER 1The Research ProblemIntroduction nstrutional aterials, inluding te6tboo$s, eduational edia 7library edia rint, non-rint, and eletroni resoures8, outer sotare, videotaes, ils,(s, and instrutional television rogras reresent undaental resoures or s&ools or en&aning instrution, urt&ering t&e ursuit o $noledge, and rovidinge6erienes o eduational signiiane or lass grous or or individual students./&is resear& ouses on instrutional aterials, &i& &ave a diret inluene onstudent learning as students interat it& t&e. ut instrutional aterials also &ave astrong indiret at& o inluene on student learning via t&eir eets on tea&ers./&atinstrutional aterials e6erise t&eir inluene on learning diretly as ell as byinluening tea&ers9 instrutional &oies and be&avior a$es instrutional aterialsall t&e ore iortant. /&ere is strong evidene t&at t&e &oie o instrutionalaterials &as large eets on student learning:eets t&at rival in si;e t&ose t&at areassoiated it& dierenes in tea&er eetiveness. /&e &oie o instrutional aterials an &ave an iat as large as or larger t&an t&e iat o tea&er <uality. ut &ereas iroving tea&er <uality t&roug&&anges in t&e rearation and roessional develoent o tea&ers and t&e &uanresoures oliies surrounding t&eir eloyent is &allenging, e6ensive, and tie-onsuing, a$ing better &oies aong available instrutional aterials s&ould berelatively easy, ine6ensive, and <ui$. /&e iortane o nstrutional #aterials inany tea&inglearning roess annot be over e&asi;ed. /&is is or t&e at t&atsu& aterials en&ane, ailitate and a$e tea&inglearning easy, lively andonrete. /&e ai o t&is aer t&ereore, is to loo$ in to t&e signiiane o nstrutional aterials in t&e eetive tea&inglearning. nstrutional #aterials as t&enae suggests, are aterials o visual, audio and audio - visual ategory t&at &els toa$e onets abstrats and ideas onrete in t&e tea&inglearning roess. /&ey arealso aterials &i& t&e tea&er uses in suleenting &is tea&ings. nstrutional #aterials inlude aterials used to ailitate learning or better results. *i$eise, it is t&e use o t&e &al$board, &arts, odels, over&ead ro=etors,ils, television and outers in tea&ing roess. n order to ensure an eetive  tea&ing learning roess, it is iortant or t&e tea&er to be t&oroug&ly a<uaintedit& t&e tea&ing resoures and servies available to &i. /&e oonents o instrutional aterials available to tea&ers and students are in large nubers and alsovary aording to t&e untions o ea& o t&e. 'itures 7otion and still8 gra&is,as, radio - reording and lay ba$ and t&e e<uient9s used to get soe o t&eseutili;ed an be regarded as t&e oonents o Audio (isual Aids, or nstrutionalAids. Aart ro t&eir ability to roess eaningul soures o inoration,instrutional aterials &el t&e tea&er it& t&e eans or e6tending &is &ori;on o e6eriene as ell as roviding t&e tea&er it& ri& soures o rouringouniative aterials &i& ould be rodued =ointly by t&e tea&er and t&estudents. >oadays t&e re-servie are using instrutional aterials in a rong ay.Soe eole say t&at learning an be learned t&roug& t&e use o instrutionalaterials and as a atter o at, ?5@ o learning an be a<uired t&roug& t&e sense o sig&t. >oadays, students are very u& artiular &en it oes to t&e tea&er9sinstrutional aterials. Soeties, t&ey ind t&e disussion boring i t&e tea&er didn9t rovide t&eir instrutional aterials. 'eole learn in dierent ays. Soe eole are e6traordinarily good at retaining inoration ed to t&e orally and ot&ersabsorb and retain a great deal o inoration t&at t&ey9ve read. Ot&ers need visualsstiulants or ues to ailitate learning. eetition or$s or a lot o erson as ell.#ost eole &oever re<uire a obination o t&e above et&ods and so asinstrutional aterial- &i& an enoass audio visual aterials, boo$, and even ratial aliation- are e6ellent aids or assuring t&at students &ave best ossibleoortunity to retain t&e inoration being given to t&e. ut generally, indings andstatistis &ave s&on t&at t&e best eans o ailitating or en&aning good tea&ingand learning is t&roug& t&e use o instrutional aterials &i& enoass visualaterials li$e &arts and o various $inds o anila aers and artolina. nstrutional aterials arouse learnerBs interest. Students get an6ious anddevelo a learning &abit &en t&e tea&ing et&od or ediu aear real to t&eand are not abstrat. /&e aterial &els t&e tea&er or t&e instrutor to resent &is&er lessons learly and eetively and t&is in turn at&es t&e attention o t&e uils.nstrutional aterials are iortant beause it& t&e learners &ave a lear vie o &at is being taug&t. nstrutional aterials guide learners  students to learn ell andit redues t&e stress involved in t&e roess o tea&ing and learning. nstrutionalaterials in t&e lassroo en&ane tea&ing et&ods and irove studentBs


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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