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JOEL CUTCHER- GERSHENFELD Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations (LER) Senior Research Scientist, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) University of Illinois, Champaign-
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JOEL CUTCHER- GERSHENFELD Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations (LER) Senior Research Scientist, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) University of Illinois, Champaign- Urbana Visiting Professor (fractional appointment), Work and Organizations Faculty, School of Business University of Sydney, Australia EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, Industrial Relations Section. Ph.D., 1988, The Collective Governance of Industrial Relations Cornell University: New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations. B.S., AWARDS AND HONORS Patent Pending, Methods and Systems for Visualizing Data, Application Serial No. 13/907,291 (2013). President, Labor and Employment Relations Association (2009). Fulbright Senior Specialist (2004). Best Paper Award (with Nancy Leveson), International System Safety Society Conference (2004). Center for Program/Project Management Research (CPMR) Fellow, NASA Universities Space Research Association (USRA) (2004). Engineering Sciences Book of the Year Award, International Academy of Astronautics (2003) (presented to co- authors of Lean Enterprise Value). Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings (1997 and 1989). Excellence Award for Interdisciplinary Scholarship, MSU Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (1994) (presented to research team studying cross- cultural diffusion of work practices). Scholarly Achievement Award, Human Resources Division, Academy of Management (1992). Michigan Research Excellence Fund (FY 1988, 1989, and 1990). Industrial Relations Research Association Dissertation Roundtable (1988). National Institute of Dispute Resolution Fellowship (1987). Scanlon Fellowship ( ). Over 20 invited keynote addresses. UNIVERSITY WORK EXPERIENCE University of Illinois, Champaign- Urbana, School of Labor and Employment Relations (LER): Professor (2006 to present) and Dean ( ); Senior Research Scientist, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) (2013- present); courtesy appointment in Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (IESE, College of Engineering) (2006- present). University of Sydney, Business School, Work and Organizations Faculty: Visiting Professor (fractional appointment) (July, 2013; July, 2014; July, 2015). MIT, Sloan School of Management and Engineering Systems Division (ESD): Senior Research Scientist, Sloan School of Management, and Executive Director, Engineering Systems 1 Learning Center ( ); Visiting Associate Professor, Sloan School of Management ( ). Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiations: Co- Director, Negotiations in the Workplace Project (1998 to 2010); Visiting Scholar ( ). Babson College, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Management: Visiting Associate Professor ( ). Michigan State University, School of Labor and Industrial Relations: Associate Professor, with tenure ( ); Assistant Professor with joint appointment in the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research ( )..Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Industrial Relations Section: Research Associate (1984, full time; , part time); Teaching Assistant ( , part time) concurrent with 3.5 years in doctoral program. Temple University, School of Business Admin.: Research Associate ( , full/part time). ADDITIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE Michigan Quality of Work Life Council: Director, Communications, Research, and ALMC Support ( ). Michigan Credit Union League/League Insurance Companies: Methods and Procedures Analyst; Public Affairs Assistant ( ). Labor Relations Press: Managing Editor ( ). PUBLICATIONS: BOOKS (CO- AUTHORED) Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Daniel Brooks, and Martin Mulloy. Ford- UAW Pivots: Transforming Work and Relationships to Deliver Results (working title) (2015, forthcoming, MIT Press). Matt Finkin and Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, with Takashi Araki, Roberto Fragale Filho, Philipp Fishinger Andrew Stewart, and Bernd Waas (2013) Multinational Human Resource Management and the Law: Common Workplace Problems in Different Legal Environments. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld and Kevin Ford (2005) Valuable Disconnects in Organizational Learning Systems: Integrating Bold Visions and Harsh Realities. New York: Oxford University Press (1-202). Earll Murman, Tom Allen, Kirkor Bozdogan, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Hugh McManus, Debbie Nightingale, Eric Rebentisch, Tom Shields, Fred Stahl, Myles Walton, Joyce Warmkessel, Stanley Weiss, and Sheila Widnall (2002) Lean Enterprise Value: Insights from MIT s Lean Aerospace Initiative, New York: Palgrave/Macmillan (1-344). Winner, Engineering Sciences Book Award, International Academy of Astronautics (2003); Reprinted in Korean (2008) and Chinese (2010). Work Practices Diffusion Team (Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Michio Nitta, Betty Barrett, Nejib Belhedi, Simon Chow, Takashi Inaba, Iwao Ishino, Wen- Jeng Lin, Michael Moore, William Mothersell, Jennifer Palthe, Shobha Ramanand, Mark Strolle, and Arthur Wheaton; with Cheryl Coutchie, Seepa Lee, and Stacia Rabine) (1998) Knowledge- Driven Work: Unexpected Lessons from Japanese and United States Work Practices. New York: Oxford University Press (1-188). Reprinted, Spanish (2000). 2 Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Robert McKersie, and Richard Walton (1995) Pathways to Change: Case Studies in Strategic Labor Negotiations. Kalamazoo: W.E. UpJohn Press (1-256). Re- issued, electronic distribution through (2000). Walton, Richard, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, and Robert McKersie (1994) Strategic Negotiations: A Theory of Change in Labor- Management Relations. Boston: Harvard Business School Press (1-376). Reissued, paperback with new forward on negotiated change, Cornell Press (2000: 1-376). PUBLICATIONS: BOOKS (EDITED/CO- EDITED) Douglas McGregor, The Human Side of Enterprise, Annotated Edition. Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, ed. (2006) (with new introduction and annotated text). New York: McGraw Hill (1-423). Reprinted, Korean (2006), and Chinese (2010). Timothy Bynum, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Phyllis Grummon, Brendan Mullen, Karen Roberts, and Carol Weissert, eds. (1994) Policy Choices: Framing the Debate for Michigan's Future. East Lansing: Michigan State University Press (1-211). Ferman, Louis, Michele Hoyman, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld and Ernest Savoie, eds. (1991) Joint Training Programs: Union- Management Approach to Preparing Workers for the Future, Ithaca: Cornell ILR Press (1-275). Ferman, Louis, Michele Hoyman, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld and Ernest Savoie, eds. (1990) New Developments in Worker Training: A Legacy for the 1990's, Madison, WI: Annual Research Volume, Industrial Relations Research Association (1-338). PUBLICATIONS: BOOKS FOREWORDS Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2013) Foreword, Worker Leadership, by Fred Stahl (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2005) Foreword, Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose by Susan Barlow, Stephen Parry and Mike Faulkner. London: Palgrave/MacMillan. PUBLICATIONS: WORKING PAPERS/MANUSCRIPTS Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Nicholas Berente, Burcu Bolukbasi, Leslie Dechurch; Courtney Flint, Jon Gant, Michael Haberman, John Leslie King, Barbara Lawrence, Ethan Masella, Barbara Mittleman, Mark Nolan, Melanie Radik, Susan Winter, Ilya Zaslavsky, Internal Alignment for Lateral Alignment: Constraining and Enabling Stakeholder Alignment in Complex Systems (2014, working paper under review) King, John, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Nicholas Berente, Burcu Bolukbasi, Courtney Flint, Jon Gant, Michael Haberman, Barbara Lawrence, Ethan Masella, Barbara Mittleman, Mark Nolan, Melanie Radik, John Unsworth, Susan Winter, Ilya Zaslavsky, Sharing Geoscience Data: A Manual and Model (2014, working paper for submission to Communications of the ACM). 3 PUBLICATIONS: JOURNAL/SERIES ARTICLES (PEER REVIEWED) Mittleman, Barbara, Garry Neil, and Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, The Role of Consortia in Transforming Drug Development: Why Work Together? Nature Biotechnology Vol. 31: No. 11 (2013: ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel and Saul Rubinstein (2013) Innovation and Transformation in Public Sector Employment Relations: Future Prospects on a Contested Terrain, The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Symposium Issue). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2011) Bargaining When the Future of an Industry is at Stake: Lessons from UAW- Ford Collective Bargaining Negotiations, Negotiation Journal, Vol. 27, No. 2 (May: ). McKersie, Robert and Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld (2009) Labor Management Relations: Understanding and Practicing Effective Negotiations in Negotiation Journal, Vol. 25, No. 4 (25 th Anniversary Issue, October: ). Joel Cutcher Gershenfeld, Thomas Kochan, Betty Barrett and John- Paul Ferguson (2007) Collective Bargaining in the Twenty- First Century: A Negotiation Institution at Risk, Negotiation Journal, Vol. 23, No. 3 (July: ). McHugh, Patrick P., Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, and Diane Bridge (2005) Examining Structure and Process in ESOP Firms: Employee Influence, Plan Design, and Information Sharing, Personnel Review, Vol. 34, No. 3 (March: ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel and Thomas Kochan (2004) Taking Stock: Collective Bargaining at the Turn of the Century, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 58, No. 1 (October: 3-26). Mnookin, Robert with Gary Friedman and Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld (2001) Creating Harmony: Transforming Labor Relations in the San Francisco Symphony, Harmony Magazine No. 13 (October: 13-36). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Thomas Kochan and John Calhoon Wells (2001) In Whose Interest? A First Look at National Survey Data on Interest- Based Bargaining in Labor Relations, Industrial Relations, Vol. 40, No. 1 (January: 1-21). McHugh, Patrick, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, and Michael Polzin (1999) Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Union Influence and Stakeholder Interests, Economic and Industrial Democracy, Vol. 20, No. 4 (November: ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Thomas Kochan and John Calhoon Wells (1998) How Do Labor and Management View the Collective Bargaining Process?, Monthly Labor Review, Vol. 121, No. 10 (October: 23-31). 4 Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Ellen Ernst Kossek and Heidi Sandling (1997) Managing Multiple Concurrent Change Initiatives: Integrating Quality and Work/Family Strategies, Organizational Dynamics, Vol. 25, No. 3 (Winter: 21-37). Reprinted in: Organizational Transformation through Business Process Reengineering: Applying Lessons Learned, Vikram Sethi and William King, eds. New York: Prentice Hall (1997). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Don Power and Maureen McCabe- Power (1996) Global Implications of Recent Innovations in U.S. Collective Bargaining, Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, Vol. 51, No. 2 (Spring: ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Patrick McHugh and Donald Power (1996) Collective Bargaining in Small Firms: Preliminary Evidence of Fundamental Change, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 49, No. 2 (January: ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (1994) Bargaining Over How to Bargain in Labor- Management Negotiations, Negotiations Journal, Vol. 10, No. 4 (October: ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Michio Nitta, Betty Barrett, Nejib Belhedi, Cheryl Coutchie, Takashi Inaba,Iwao Ishino, Seepa Lee, Wen- Jeng Lin, William Mothersell, Jennifer Mulder, Stacia Rabine, Shobha Rammanand, and Arthur Wheaton (1994) Japanese Team- Based Work Systems in the United States: Explaining the Diversity, California Management Review, Vol. 37, No. 1 (Fall: 42-64). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel and Anil Verma (1994) Joint Governance in North American Workplaces: A Glimpse of the Future or the End of an Era?, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 5, No. 3 (September: ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Henryk Sterniczuk and John Chalykoff (1993) Emerging Patterns in Polish Labor Relations, The Centennial Review, special issue on The Transition to Democracy in Poland, Stephen Esquith and Marek Wilczynski, eds., Vol. XXXVII, No. 1 (Winter: ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (1991) The Impact on Economic Performance of a Transformation in Workplace Relations, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 44, No. 2 (January: ). Selected for the Scholarly Achievement Award, Personnel/Human Resources Division, Academy of Management (17 member panel review, 1991 articles in 21 journals). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Thomas Kochan, and Anil Verma (1991) Recent Developments in U.S. Employee Involvement Initiatives: Erosion or Diffusion, Advances in Industrial Relations, Volume 5. Greenwich, CN: JAI Press (1-31). PUBLICATIONS: BOOK CHAPTERS, POLICY PAPERS, LETTERS, AND TRANSLATIONAL ARTICLES Richard, Stephen M., Genevieve Pearthree, Anthony K. Aufdenkampe, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Mike Daniels, Basil Gomez, Danie Kinkade, George Percivall (2014) Community- Developed Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure, Eos Transactions, American Geophysical Union, May, 95(20): Interest- Based Bargaining, in The Oxford Handbook of Conflict Management in Organizations, William K. Roche, Paul Teague, and Alex Colvin, eds., New York: Oxford University Press. 5 Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel and Matt Finkin (2014) Multinational HR Management and the Law, Employment Relations Today. Berente, Nicholas, James Howison John L. King Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld Robert Pennington (2014) Leading Cyberinfrastructure Enterprise: Value Propositions, Stakeholders, and Measurement. Available at SSRN: or Project on Stakeholder Alignment in Complex Systems: Burcu Bolukbasi, Nicholas Berente, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Courtney Flint, Michael Haberman, John Leslie King, Eric Knight, Barbara Lawrence, Ethan Masella, Charles Mcelroy, Barbara Mittleman, Mark Nolan, Melanie Radik, Namchul Shin, Cheryl A. Thompson, Susan Winter, Ilya Zaslavsky; and Principal Investigators for NSF EarthCube End- User PI Workshops: M. Lee Allison, David Arctur, Jennifer Arrigo, Anthony K. Aufdenkampe, Jay Bass, Jim Crowell, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Mike Daniels, Stephen Diggs, Christopher Duffy, Yolanda Gil, Basil Gomez, Sara Graves, Robert Hazen, Leslie Hsu, Danie Kinkade, Kerstin Lehnert, Chris Marone, Don Middleton, Anders Noren, Genevieve Pearthree, Mohan Ramamurthy, Erin Robinson, George Percivall, Stephen Richard, Celina Suarez, Doug Walker, (2013), Open Data: Crediting a Culture of Cooperation (29 November) Science, Letters, v. 342: Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Mark Nolan, Michael Haberman, Saengdow Prasittisuk, and Melia Smith (2012) Stakeholder Alignment for Community Green Energy, Stakeholder Alignment Case Study. Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Barbara Mittleman, Anthony Dickherber, Shawnmarie Mayrand- Chung, and April Franks (2012) Stakeholder Alignment in the Biomarkers Consortium, Stakeholder Alignment Case Study. Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Betty Barrett, Sally Jackson, Curtis Jackson Jacobs, Mercedes Mane, Virginia McCreary, Dean Rose, Whitney Street, Mary Kay Watson, and Bryan Wilcox, (2012) Stakeholder Alignment among U.S. Fab Labs, Stakeholder Alignment Case Study. Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2012) Stakeholder Alignment in the Biomarkers Consortium, Biomarkers Consortium Newsletter. Lewin, David, Thomas Kochan, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Teresa Ghilarducci, Harry Katz, Jeff Keefe, Daniel J.B. Mitchell, Craig Olson, Saul Rubinstein, and Christian Weller (2011) Getting It Right: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications from Research on Public- Sector Unionism and Collective Bargaining, Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN), Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel and Christopher Lawson (2010) Valuing the Commons: A Fundamental Challenge Across Complex Systems, (NSF/SBE 2020 White paper on Future Research in the Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences). Available at: Also available as a working paper through MIT s Engineering Systems Division (ESD- WP , November 2010, 6 McKersie, Robert B. and Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld (2009) The Power of Subcommittees: An Important Tool When Negotiating Labor Agreements Perspectives on Work, (LERA, Summer: 49-52). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2009) Organizational Change Capability: Undervalued and Deeply Needed, Perspectives on Work (LERA, Winter: 5-8). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2008) Reconceptualizing Industrial Relations in a Global, Knowledge- Driven Economy, Charles Whalen, ed., New Directions in the Study of Work and Employment: Revitalizing Industrial Relations as an Academic Enterprise, (Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. Leveson, Nancy, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, John S. Carroll, Betty Barrett, Alexander Brown, Nicolas Dulac, Lydia Fraile, & Karen Marais (2005) Systems Approaches to Safety: Socio- technical Systems, High Reliability Organizations, and Engineering Systems, in Organization at the Limit: Lessons from the Columbia Disaster, Bill Starbuck and Moshe Farjoun, ed., New York: Blackwell ( ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Betty Barrett, Christopher Lawson (2005) Building the Internal Organization to Support Lateral Alignment: A Case Study of the Office of Environment and Energy, Federal Aviation Administration (1-47) and issued with David Hartband as a co- author as a case study by the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction (An FAA/NASA/Transport Canada sponsored Center of Excellence) (2006). Ian Waitz, Jessica Townsend, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Edward Greitzer, and Jack Kerrebrock (2005) Report to Congress, Aviation and the Environment: A National Vision Statement, Goals and Recommended Actions, FAA/NASA (1-30) Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Industry Councils: A National Impact Anticipated, Perspectives on Work (LERA, Winter, 2005: 54-55). Kochan, Thomas, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld and John- Paul Ferguson (2004) Report to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service on the Third National Survey, FMCS (1-50). Barrett, Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2004) Instability in the Aerospace Industry, Perspectives on Work. Vol. 7, No. 2 (Winter: 7-9). Betty, Lydia Fraile, Adam Litwin and Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld (2004) Strategies for Workforce Flexibility and Capability: The New Job Families at Boeing St. Louis, MIT Labor Aerospace Research Agenda under U.S. Department of Labor (Grant: ES ) (1-54). Sheri Sheppard, Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld and Christopher Magee (2004) How Should Education Change to Improve our Culture of Inventiveness? in Invention: Enhancing inventiveness for quality of life, competitiveness and sustainability, Report of the Committee for Study of Invention, sponsored by the Lemelson- MIT Program and National Science Foundation, by Merton Flemings (chair), (52-62). Kochan, Thomas, Wanda Orlikowski, and Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld (2003) Beyond McGregor s Theory Y: Human Capital and Knowledge- Based Work in the 21 st Century Organization, in Management: Inventing and Delivering its Future, Thomas Kochan and Richard Schmalensee, eds., Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (85-113). 7 Reprinted in: Douglas McGregor (2006) The Human Side of Enterprise, Annotated Edition. Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, ed. New York: McGraw Hill ( ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2002) How Process Matters: A Five Phase Model for Examining Interest- Based Bargaining, in Negotiations and Change: From the Workplace to Society, Thomas Kochan and David Lipsky, eds., Ithaca: Cornell University Press ( ). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel (2002) Union- Management Investments in Training and Capability in the United States, OECD Project on: Collective Bargaining and Worker Participation in Continuing Vocational Training (1-37) Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Joel, Betty Barrett, Eric Rebintisch, Thomas Kochan, and Robert Scott (2002) Developing a 21 st Century Aerospace Workforce. Policy White Paper, Human Capital/ Workforce Task Force, U.S. Commission on the Future of the Aerospace Industry (1-57). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Textron Systems: Fostering Continuous Improvement in a Changing Business Context. MIT s Labor Areospace Research Agenda (2001: 1-13). Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Betty Barrett,
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