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Education Lecture
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  Beverly Cortez ITE312 October 30, 2013 Linda Darling-Hammond Lecture From the presentation, it was very insightful. I found many great statements from Mrs. Darling-Hammond. It was also great to hear a few thoughts from the faculties in the audience about the issues of education and other comments that they had. The first statement that I obtained from Mrs. Darling-Hammond was that effective and equitable teachers take students’ past experiences and connect it to the content. This statement is important to me because as a student I know that from my experience in schools, the content remained with me more when the educator related the content to something that I knew. Students love themselves and I feel that students are more interested in learning when they know that it relates to them somehow. This statement is important to education because learning is more successful when teaching is towards this path. It’s important for students to understand the content and take this learning with them outside the classroom. The second statement that I acquired from Mrs. Darling-Hammond was that teaching is a team sport. She stressed that all teachers should collaborate with other teachers to improve their teaching. This statement is important to me because going into teaching, I will definitely need a support system to help me with the transition of being a student to being the teacher as well as throughout my teaching career when I need other strategies to incorporate in my classroom. This statement is important to  ! #$%& ( education because in teaching there is always room for improvement. Teachers should always try to look for ways in improving themselves. The last statement that I attained from Mrs. Darling-Hammond was that in assessing student learning, you need to use multiple measures. This basically means that you need numerous evidences or a “basket of evidence” when you are assessing each student. This statement is important to me because as our teachers have mentioned, you can’t prove anything without evidence. Evidence supports your conclusion that your students have learned something from you. This statement is important to education because students can’t move forward to the next grade level without multiple measures or multiple evidences. Overall, this presentation provided me with much information that will help me in my future career. Attending these types of lectures is a great experience for anyone going into education.
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