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Edward VII

Brief CV of Edward VII, the king of England.
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  Edward, the oldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, was born in Buckingha Palace on ! o#eber $%&$' (e was christened Albert Edward after his father and grandfather and he was known as Bertie to his fail) for the whole life' As the first son of a British So#ereign and Prince Albert he was autoaticall) *uke of Cornwall and *uke of +othesa), Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and *uke of Saxon) at birth' (e was bestowed the title of Prince of ales and Earl of Chester on % *eceber $%&$  b) his other' o enuerate all his titles it is necessar) to add Earl of *ublin, a .night of the Garter , and a .night of the histle .  (e was educated /ri#atel) and at Edinburgh 0ni#ersit), 1xford 0ni#ersit) and Cabridge 0ni#ersit)' 2n $%34 Edward becae the first eber of the ro)al fail) to tour the 0SA' hen he returned to England he was in#ol#ed in a scandal with a 2rish actress' Prince Albert died a fewweeks later and Queen Victoria  blaed her son for her husband5s death' Victoria later declaredthat was ne#er able to look at the bo) without a shudder' After the death of Prince Albert Edward took his seat in the (ouse of 6ords as the *uke of Cornwall' Edward, who s/oke 7rench, Geran, S/anish and 2talian, toured the world on  behalf of the ro)al fail)' his included tri/s to 2tal), S/ain, Canada, 2ndia, Eg)/t, *enark, 7rance, Geran), Belgiu and +ussia' 2n $%38 Edward arried Alexandra, eldest daughter of .ing .ristian 29of *enark' Alexandra had six children, Albert, *uke of Clarence :$%3&-$%!;<, George :$%3=-$!83<, 6ouise :$%3>-$!8$<, Victoria :$%3%-$!8=<, ?aud :$%3!-$!8%< and Alexander, who died soon after being born' Edward had a regular annual routine' (e s/ent Christas at Sandringha, three of four weeksat Buckingha Palace, Biarrit@ in 7ebruar) and ?arch, Easter at indsor Castle, suer in 6ondon with regular #isits to the racecourse, an official tour of a foreign countr), countr)-house #isits for grouse-shooting, three weeks at a foreign s/a, 1ctober at Baloral and   o#eber and *eceber at Buckingha Palace' Prince Edward had a great a//etite eating fi#e large eals a da)' hese eals often consisted of ten or ore courses' B) the tie he was iddle-aged he had a waist of fort)-eight inches' Edward also soked twel#e large cigars and twent) cigarettes a da)' Queen Victoria disa//ro#ed of Edward5s interest in horse-racing, theatre-going and )achting' Edward had se#eral istresses including 6il) 6angtr), Alice .e//le, 6ad) Brooke, Princess de ?ouch) and Princess de Sagan' Edward was in#ol#ed in se#eral scandals' 1n one occasionit was disco#ered that he had been /la)ing in an illegal card-gae and in $%>4 he was accusedin court of ha#ing an affair with 6ad) ?ordaunt' Victoria was horrified b) her son5s beha#iour and warned that e#idence of a /leasure-lo#ing and ioral aristocrac) ight /ro#oke the working class into ado/ting radical /olitical ideas' Edward atte/ted to gain the su//ort of the working-class b) in#iting their re/resentati#es, such as ose/h Arch and (enr) Broadhurst to sta) at his countr) house at Sandringha' hen Broadhurst #isited Sandringha he did not take with hi the right e#ening dress, and so he had to eat his eals in his bedroo' Edward V22 becae king on the death of Queen Victoria in $!4$' Although he was =! when he becae king, he restored soe #italit) to the onarch)' (e ade se#eral ro)al #isits and  hel/ed to /re/are the wa) for international treaties with 7rance and +ussia' he king took a  /articular interest in ilitar) atters' (e o//osed atte/ts to reduce /ublic s/ending on the ared forces and was a strong ad#ocate of the *readnought building ca/aign' Politicall), the king fa#oured the Conser#ati#es' (e was totall) o//osed to the ca/aign b) the  0SS and the SP0 to achie#e the #ote for woen' (e disliked the 6iberals, es/eciall) those such as (enr) Ca/bell-Banneran and *a#e 6lo)d George who had o//osed the Boer ar'Edward V22 was disa//ointed when the $!43 General Election  brought the 6iberals to /ower' Atte/ts to redistribute wealth resulted in (erbert Asuith and his go#ernent coing into conflict with the (ouse of 6ords' After the 6ords had reected the Peo/le5s Budget in $!4!, (erbert Asuith and his chancellor, *a#id 6lo)d George, asked the king to create a large nuber of new 6iberal /eers to gi#e the go#ernent a aorit) in the (ouse of 6ords' he king refused, insisted that the issue should  be /ut to the electorate in a General Election to ake sure that the /ublic su//orted refor of the (ouse of 6ords' 2n the iddle of this dis/ute, the king becae #er) ill' Edward V22 died at Buckingha Palace on 3th ?a), $!$4, lea#ing the constitutional crisis to be sol#ed b) his son, .ing George V'
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