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  I.E.S TEST SERIES ELECTRICAL (PAPER-I), CONVENTIONAL  ENGINEERS ZONE 65/C Prateek Market, behind D.D.A Office, Munirka Ph: (011)-26194869,9873000903, 9873664427, Website: IES / GATE / PSU   1 PART-AQ.1(a) For a parallel plate capacitor (as shown in the figure below), ‘d’ is the separation be-tween plates and ‘A’ is the surface area. If ‘  0 V  ’ is the voltage applied across the plates,obtain the value of capacitance (12 MARKS)(b) If ‘     L  ’ is the charge per unit length; obtain an expression for the electric field pro-duced by a line charge (infinitely large), placed along the z-axis, at some point ‘P’ withposition vector ‘   r  ’  (12 MARKS)(c) Write Maxwell’s equations for wave propagating in free space. (8 MARKS)Q.2 (a)  The OLTF of a unity feed back control system is given as    164 G s s s   (12 MARKS) Determine(i) The damped frequency of oscillations, peak overshoot and steady state error forunit ramp input(ii) If the damping factor is to be adjusted to 0.8 using derivative output controller.Calculate the controller constant (b)  The characteristic equation of control system is given by    32 3K23K0 s s s       Plot the root locus with K varies from 0 to  . (12 MARKS)(c) From the given state-space model of a control system  X AX BU     Y C X DU    Desive the expression for transfer function (8 MARKS)Q.3(a) Derive the expression to determine the steady state error for unit step, unit ramp andunit parabolic input for Type-0, Type-1 and Type-2 system (12 MARKS)(b) Represent the following defferential equation in state variable form   22 432 d y dy y u t dt dt     and determine the state transition matrix (10 MARKS)(c) Discuss the correlation between time response frequency response parametors of asecond order control system. Derive the expressions for resonant frequency & reso-nant peak (10 MARKS)PART-BQ.4(a) (i) Explain ferromagnetism behaviour of materials (5 MARKS) (ii) Differentiate between Hard & Soft magnetic materials (5 MARKS) (II) List the different ferrromagnetic materials with their application (5 MARKS)  I.E.S TEST SERIES ELECTRICAL (PAPER-I), CONVENTIONAL  ENGINEERS ZONE 65/C Prateek Market, behind D.D.A Office, Munirka Ph: (011)-26194869,9873000903, 9873664427, Website: IES / GATE / PSU   2 (b) Derive classius-Mosotti equation for dielectric materials (10 MARKS)(c) (i) Explain Silbee’s rule for super conuctors (6 MARKS) (ii) The intrinsic carrier concentration in a piece of Si at 300°K is 103 1.510/ cm   Determine the donor concentration required if the required conductivity is 11 0.9  cm      Also determine the hole concentration. The mobility of electron is 2 3900/ cm V s     (5 MARKS)PART-CQ.5(a) For a series RLC circuit derive the expression for Band width & selectivity. Discussthe pratical application of selectivity in RLC circuit. (12 MARKS)(b)(12 MARKS)  The switch S was in position -1 for long time. At 0 t     S is connected to position -2 andafter 500 ms S is connected to position -3. Find   i t    for t>500 ms (c) Synthesize the given network function into Cauer-I & Cauer-II forms.          222 213 s s Y s s s    (12 MARKS)Q.6(a) Determine the maximum power consumed in the load resistance . L  R   Derive theexpression used. (12 MARKS)  I.E.S TEST SERIES ELECTRICAL (PAPER-I), CONVENTIONAL  ENGINEERS ZONE 65/C Prateek Market, behind D.D.A Office, Munirka Ph: (011)-26194869,9873000903, 9873664427, Website: IES / GATE / PSU   3 (b)(5 MARKS)  The switch S remains connected to position -1 for long time. At 0 t     it is connected toposition -2Determine(i) The current i at 0 t     (ii) The current i   is t     (c) Define the image impedance for a 2-port network Determine their values in terms of ABCD parameters (9 MARKS)PART-DQ.7(a) A schering Bridge is used for measuring the power loss in dielectrics. The specimanare in the form of dises 0.5 cm thick having dielectric constant of 4. The area of eachelectrode is 628 3 cm   and loss angle is 6° for a frequency of 50 Hz. The values of fixedresistor & fixed capacitor is bridge are 800   and 40 pF respectively. Determine thevalues of variable resistance & capacitor required. Derive the expression used. Alsodraw the phasor diagram under balanced conditions (12 MARKS)(b) Why d’Arsonal Galvanometer is used in PMMC. Explain the woking of elctronic volt-meter using bridge circuit for full wave rectification.A sawtooth voltage of peak valud of 100 V and a time period of 5 sec is applied to theEVM using full wave retification. Calculate the error in reading if scale is calibratedin terms of rms of sine wave. (12 MARKS)(c) Discuss the basic principle of Digital Frequency Meter. Describe the change in thesettings required for different range of frequencies. (8 MARKS)Q.8(a) Explain the basic principle of operation of Moving Iron Instrument. Derive the torqueequation. (8 MARKS)(b) Discuss the concept of 3    power measurement using two wattmeter method. Alsodiscuss the result at different power factors in case of balanced load. (12 MARKS)(c) An electrodynamometer type wattemeter having PC impedance angle of 2° is used tomeasure power of a capacitive load, supplied at 250 V, reads 400 W If the wattmeter isreplaced by another with PC impedance angle of 3° reads 300. Determine the powerfactor & power of load. Comment on the error. (12 MARKS)Q.9(a) (i) Why damping torque is provided in Indicating Instruments. Discuss the type of damping required in PMMC. (6 MARKS) (ii) Discuss the working of an LVDT transducer (6 MARKS)(b) When Wheatestone Brige is used as a secondary transducer in the measurement of temperature, the ratio arm is kept unity. Explain why? Derive the expressions used. (10 MARKS)(c) Discuss the working of Dual slope type A/D converter. (10 MARKS)
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