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EE21 Design of Closed Loop Controlled Ac Voltage Regulator Using TRIAC

ac voltage control
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  Design of closed loop controlled ac voltage regulator using TRIAC Aim:  To generate a variable ac voltage supply using 1 phase ac voltage regulator. The output voltage of the regulator is varied by varying the firing angle given to the thyristor.Operation:AC voltage controllers (ac line voltage controllers) are employed to vary the R! value of the alternating voltage applied to a load circuit by introducing Thyristors bet een the load anda constant voltage ac source. The R! value of alternating voltage applied to a load circuit is controlled by controlling the triggering angle of the Thyristors in the ac voltage controller circuits.There are t o different types of thyristor control used in practice to control the ac po er flo :1)#hase control$)On%Off controlThese are the t o ac output voltage control techni&ues.'n On%Off control techni&ue Thyristors are used as s itches to connect the load circuit to the ac supply (source) for a fe cycles of the input ac supply and then to disconnect it for fe input cycles. The Thyristors thus act as a high speed contactor (or high speed ac s itch).The user ill select the voltage that is re&uired by using a potentiometer. o the  potentiometer gives the signal to the adc. And the adc ill convert the analog data in to digital and ill give it to the controller. o the controller ill generate the gate pulse for all the scrs. the output dc voltage is again measured by the adc. This ill ma*e the controller to decide hether the voltage is e&ual to the selected voltage or not. 'f it is not e&ual then it ill vary the firing angle of thyristors until e get the same voltage as selected. Controller ill display the  rms value of the output voltage on the display. This ill ma*e the user to read the output voltge directly on the lcd. Advantages: 1)Accurate value of the output voltage ill be obtained$)+esigning of the closed loop system ill ma*e the voltage constant hich ill not vary ith increase or decrease in the load.,)#o er loss in the converter is very less than the rheostat method. Applications: 1)-ighting  'llumination control in ac po er circuits.$)'nduction heating.,)'ndustrial heating / +omestic heating.0)Transformers tap changing (on load transformer tap changing).)!peed control of induction motors (single phase and poly phase ac induction motor control).2)AC magnet controls. SOFTWARE TOOLS SED: 1. 3mbedded C programming language$. 43'- '+3 for riting the program for micro controller ,. #RO-OA+ for dumping0. ORCA+ to dra the schematic diagram !ARDWARE SED: 1. AT56s$ icro Controller $. #o er supply,. -C+ +isplay0. Triac7 A+C85857 potential transformer. loc# diagram:
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