EL171 RW U5 Reading Skill

EL171 RW U5 Finding References
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  EL171 RW UNIT 5 The following content will cover ... 1. Egypt, Tutankhamun (57-59) 2. Reading Skill (59-64)  –  Finding References *Please work on exercise 1, 2, 3, and 4 before studying the following slides.   Answers for Exercise 1 (59) 1. C. Early Life 2.  A. Boy King in Power 3. D. Death and Burial 4. B. King Tut’s  Tomb Discovered   Answers for Exercise 2 (59-60) 1. Tutankhamun 2. Circa 1341 B.C.E 3. Tutankhaten’s  father had forbidden the worship of many gods in favor of worshiping one, Aten, the sun disk. 4. Tutankhaten’s  father 5.  Akhenaten 6.  Akhenaten’s   7. 1332 B.C.E 8. Tutankhaten and Ankhesenamun 9.  Ay and Horemheb 10.  Ay and Horemheb   Answers for Exercise 2 (59-60) (cont.) 11. Tutankhamun 12. Tutankhamun 13. The temple 14. The king of the Hittites’   15. The tomb’s   16. The tomb’s  17. The walls 18. Coffin 19. Coffin 20. archaeologists

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