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  Electrical Theory I - The Basics Let there be light….    Introduction ã Basic Terminology ã Ohm’s Law   ã Kirchhoff’s Laws & Applications   ã Basic Circuit Analysis ã Transformers & Rectifiers  Basic Terminology ã Electromotive Force (E or V) ã Force which causes electrons to move from one location to another ã Known as emf, potential difference, or voltage ã Unit is volt (V) ã Source: ã Generator ã Battery ã Like pump that moves water through “pressure”    Basic Terminology ã Current (I) ã Flow of electric charges - electrons (or holes) - through a conductor or circuit per increment of time ã Unit is ampere (number of charged particles passing a point each second) ã 1 amp = 1 coulomb/sec = 6.02x10 23  electrons/sec ã Like rate of flow of water through a pipe
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