Electronic Component Tester

Electronic Component Tester
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   HBeonLabs  Off. No. 46, 1st Floor, Kadamba ComplexGamma-I, Greater Noida (India) - !1 !#Conta$t %s& www.  ELECTRONICS COMPONENTS TESTER   INTRODUCTION This Project Comonents tester can be !se to chec# the electroniccomonents s!ch !s $io e% Transistor% Caacitor% &C'''% &C741an Contin!it(. The )hole circ!it )as controlle b( the*icrocontroller T89C'2. The circ!it has an ,C$ isla( it )as!se to isla( the Tet messaes o/er it. The s(stem )ill isla(the con itions of the e/ice on the ,C$ isla(.The *icrocontroller !se in this roject )as an 8 bitmicrocontroller T89C'2 it has a roram memor( of 8 ilob(tes. or chec#in the &C''' an eternal circ!it )as confi!re asastable m!lti/ibrator an for chec#in &C741 an eternal circ!it)as connecte as a comarator. The microcontroller )ill chec# theo!t!t an isla( it o/er the ,C$. MIN COMPONENT 1.80'1 *icrocontroller 2.,C$3.!er 4.Control circ!it   !LOC DI#RM $%&'MICROCONTROLLER PO(ER SUPPL)&&& TIMER     L   C   D   D  I   S   P   L      ) CONTROLCIRCUIT    E   L   E   C   T   R   O   N  I   C    C   O    M   P   O   N   E   N   T
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