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  BASIC COMPONENTS OF ELECTRONICS  As homemakers, we should know the basic electronic parts and components and their specific uses. Electronic components are those parts of a product used in electronic processes.  Following are those components: Resistors    –  Devices made of materials which resist or oppose the flow of electric current. The unit of resistance is measured in ohms.  As to type, resistors are classified as: Fixed resistors  –   where values are fixed and constant. Variable resistors  –   where resistance can change/vary through manual setting.   According to structure, resistors, are classified as: Carbon resistors  –  where resistance is derived from color coded carbon. Wirewound resistors- where resistance is derived from a length of wire wrapped around a core and covered with an insulating material.  Capacitors    –  Electronic components which have the ability to store electrical charges or voltages. Have low resistance to AC which means that AC can pass through them; but highly resistant to DC which means that they can block


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Jul 23, 2017
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