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  TEST YOUR VOCABULARY 11- Although the house was not very attractive ro! outsi e# the interior was $$$$$$$ ecorate without any show o ostentation$A% inevita&ly B% ten erly C% tasteully'% ra(i ly E% a itionally)- She !eant $$$$$$$ the news in his ear sotly# &ut everyone else in theroo! coul hear$A% to shout B% to s(ea* C% to won er '% to eclare E% to whis(er +- Both si es were $$$$$$$ to start negotiating &ecause each thought theycoul win !ilitarily$A% an,ious B% reluctant C% o&servant'% !isera&le E% enthusiastic- The (ro&le! with hi! is that his (eror!ance is not very $$$$$$$$. one ay he (lays su(er&ly# an the ne,t &a ly$A% consistent B% genuine C% co!!on'% consi erate E% routine/- She use to run a s!all corner sho(# &ut she is $$$$$$$$ e!(loye at a &ig e(art!ent store as a sales assistant$A% a&solutely B% (reviously C% currently'% entirely E% (er!anently0-  Tho!as E ison ha not $$$$$$$ the light &ul&# our lives woul &e very ierent to ay$A% (eror!e B% rehearse C% iscovere '% invente E% etecte 2- Successul &usiness!en o not $$$$$$$ when they see a chance to !a*e!oney. rather# they act 3uic*ly to ta*e a vantage o it$A% hesitate B% conir!C% irect '% eclineE% hasten4- t is i!(ortant or chil ren to learn to $$$$$$$ with others an not &eselish as they grow u($A% ight B% investC% gui e '% a !ireE% share5- t was very iicult or her to &ring u( her aughter &y hersel ater her ivorce &ecause she got no $$$$$$$ ro! her e,-hus&an # either inancial or (hysical$A% hin rance B% trou&le C% interest'% assistance E% (artition16- Oh no#  see! to have lost the $$$$$$$ to the (arty# an they won7t let usin without it$A% rece(tion B% invitation C% irection'% (re(aration E% instruction11-  was so $$$$$$$ when  got to the (arty in 8eans an a t-shirt# aseveryone else was resse or!ally$A% &ore B% eter!ine C% e!&arrasse '% attracte E% e,cite 1)- 7ve lost so !uch weight over the su!!er that  will have to $$$$$$$ !ywinter clothes so that they will it$A% alter B% cut C% sew'% vary E% transor!1+- The (lans or the new highway were rawn u( $$$$$$$$ so it is naturalthat they contain so !any !ista*es$A% hastily B% (ainsta*ingly C% attentively'% interestingly E% leisurely1- The istance &etween the two goals# or the $$$$$$$$ o a oot&all iel #shoul always &e the sa!e$A% height B% wi th C% e(th'% length E% &rea th1/- 9e i not $$$$$$$ anything at yester ay7s !eeting# so we will haveto start everything ro! the &eginning to!orrow$A% su((le!ent B% e,(an C% unction'% ignore E% acco!(lish10- The air(ort was crow e &ecause there were a lot o young girlsawaiting the $$$$$$$ o a a!ous (o( singer$A% retreat B% interest C% arrival'% istance E% attain!ent12-  went to the city ta, oice to (ay !y &ill 8ust &eore the ea line# &ut there was so !uch $$$$$$$$ with everyone runningaroun an shouting# that  was una&le to (ay$A% certainty B% consi erationC% conusion '% content!entE% cele&ration14- :e went ho!e or the holi ays $$$$$$$ to see his a!ily# &ut also totry to !eet his e,-girlrien $A% wholly B% (artly C% e,actly'% closely E% es(erately15- The village roa is ull o $$$$$$$ an turns# so you have to rivevery careully$A% twists B% &an3uets C% lanes'% s(irals E% rotations)6- The (olice have &egun a;an $$$$$$$ into the ro&&ery that too* (lacelast night in a (osh Lon on clu&$A% iscovery B% trial C% invest!ent'% investigation E% arrest)<- 7! sorry  i n7t say =hello= yester ay# &ut  i n7t $$$$$$$ you &ecause you have lost so !uch weight$A% see B% realise C% o&serve'% istinguish E% recognise))- >ancy oesn7t$$$$$$$ a co!(uter# so she has to go to an internetcae to chec* her e-!ail$A% en8oy B% hol C% own'% wish E% eclare)+- A terrorist grou( recently $$$$$$$ several A!erican i(lo!ats an hel the! or ranso!$A% stole B% ro&&e C% *ille '% torture E% *i na((e )- Rhinoceroses use to $$$$$$$ large (arts o Arica# &ut there areewer o the! all the ti!e since they are hunte or their horns$A% survive B% inha&it C% resi e'% encounter E% con3uer )/- The &elies o the 'ru?e o Syria an Le&anon are a closelyguar e secret# &ut their religion see!s to &e a $$$$$$$ o ele!entso sla! an Christianity$A% 3uality B% !i,ture C% crow @% stri*e E% ca(acity)0- The Earth rotates on its a,is as it $$$$$$$ aroun the Sun$ A% revolves B% wan ers C% crawls'% crashes E% integrates)2- The en ing o the &oo* was too $$$$$$$ $  woul have (reerre so!ething !ore logical$A% interesting B% !eticulous C% a((arent'% incre i&le E% acce(ta&le)4- There have &een a ew !inor changes in the !ilitary situation uring the last wee*# &ut neither si e has !a e any $$$$$$$ gains$A% trivial B% signiicantC% rightening '% eli&erateE% worthless  )5- ost (eo(le woul li*e to see worl (eace# &ut ew (eo(le $$$$$$$ &elieve that it can &e achieve $A% su(ericially B% honoura&ly C% sincerely'% reely E% intentionally+6- Your coat is too $$$$$$$ or this weather  you shoul wear so!ethingwar!er$A% light B% colourul C% cool'% stylish E% heavy+1- :ar -wor*ing (eo(le loo* orwar to their su!!er holi ays so thatthey can get so!e $$$$$$$$ away ro! the stress o the wor*$A% !e itation B% rela,ation C% relativity'% sincerity E% re un ancy+)-  you on7t o a 8o& $$$$$$$ the irst ti!e# you will (ro&a&ly have to oit again$A% i!(ortantly B% rec*lesslyC% narrowly '% (ro(erlyE% closely++- 'uring the inal$$$$$$$ o the )6th century# there were startling evelo(!ents in co!(uters an !o&ile (hones$A% (ro uce B% reign C% uration'% eca e E% interval+- The A!ericans have always insiste that Sa a! :ussein inva e uwait $$$$$$$$ &ut other o&servers eel that there was (lenty o a vance warning$A% te!(orarily B% orceully C% intelligently'% gentle!anly E% une,(ecte ly+/- The architecture o the 15th century is ar !ore $$$$$$$ than that o the)6 th  century# which ten s to &e (lainer an !ore unctional$A% ecorative B% (ractical C% gra ual'% a vantageous E% grateul+0- Derry inally $$$$$$$ ro! his 8o& &ecause he was co!(letely e u( withhis &oss$A% hire B% (ro!ote C% occu(ie '% a((ointe E% resigne +2- There has recently &een a &ig $$$$$$$ in interest rates# causing so!eworry a!ong investors$A% concern B% e(osit C% ecrease'% raise E% invest!ent+4-  you want to $$$$$$$ a goo egree# you have to stu y har an nots(en all your ti!e having un#A% attain B% reveal C% (urchase'% ecline E% co!(ensate+5- The (hysicist Ste(hen :aw*ing is *nown or e,(laining iiculttheories $$$$$$$ so that or inary (eo(le can un erstan the!$A% a&solutely B% (lainly C% ela&orately'% sincerely E% rec*lessly6- Though he $$$$$$$ his car until it was shiny an &right# he coul nothi e the act that it was ten years ol an his new girlrien wasuni!(resse $A% swe(t B% (olishe C% rinse '% reine E% (erecte 1- One o the &iggest environ!ental (ro&le!s to ay is what to o withthe $$$$$$$ ro! nuclear (ower (lants$A% waste B% ecay C% ecline'% erosion E% isolation)- The >ative A!ericans $$$$$$$ ca!e ro! central Asia# an so!e o their 8ewellery is re!ar*a&ly si!ilar to tra itional Ti&etan 8ewellery$A% sensi&ly B% (ri!arily C% srcinally'% &asically E% !ista*enly+- Though everyone *new it woul &e a isaster# no one coul $$$$$$$the @resi ent ro! the isastrous course he was eter!ine tota*e$A% (ersua e B% e&ate C% is(ute'% issua e E% encourage- ortunately# no one was *ille or in8ure although the &o!&$$$$$$$ in a crow e sho((ing centre$A% crashe B% shot C% e,(lo e '% eru(te E% &ro*e/- Until recently# A'S was thought to &e a;an $$$$$$$ isease# &atrecently its victi!s have &een living longer an longer on acoc*tail o e,(ensive rugs$A% useless B% un&eata&leC% unorgiving '% inca(a&leE% irrelevant0- 9hile these rugs cannot actually cure an A'S (atient# theycan halt the $$$$$$$ o his or her con ition$A% eterioration B% sic*ness C% aggression'% atigue E% 8u ge!ent2-  as*e or the co(ying 8o& to &e one $$$$$$$$ &ut or so!e reasonit still has not &een inishe $A% i!!e iately B% occasionally C% lately'% currently E% (resently4-  you on7t $$$$$$$ !ore ti!e to your stu ies# you are &oun to o &a ly this se!ester$A% (ossess B% onateC% eter!ine '% evoteE% eliver 5- Our organisation has always ha only a;an $$$$$$$ !eeting# &utso!e o the !e!&ers thin* that we shoul get together !orethan once a year$A% usual B% regular C% custo!ary'% routine E% annual/6-  thought it was very $$$$$$$ o Feorgina to &ring !e lowers whenshe oun out that  ha &een ill$A% honest B% useul C% consi erate'% intentional E%rec*less/1- Christianity srcinate in the i le East# an ro! there# has$$$$$$$ all over the worl $A% s(rin*le B% iuse C% s(rea '% a((rove E% istri&ute /)- 9e won7t reach our $$$$$$$ tonight unless we hurry# an  really on7t want to stay at a roa si e !otel$A% con8unction B% estination C% ecision'% ha&itation E% conclusion/+-  was not going to &uy this &eautiul anti3ue car(et# &ut whenthe !erchant gave !e a ten (ercent $$$$$$$$  8ust coul n7t resist$A% sale B% convenience C% collection'% su&traction E% iscount/- Ater the iicult +-!onth 8ourney across !ountains an esert#the e,(lorer was shoc*e when he saw his own $$$$$$$ in the!irror$A% re uction B% counter(art C% rese!&lance'% relection E% i!(ression//- O(inion is $$$$$$$ &etween those who want to see a new (olicyenacte an those who are ha((y with the way things havealways &een one$A% tilte B% i!(resse C% traine '% s(lit E% intro uce /0- Though Ara&ic is the national language everywhere ro!orocco to ra3# English an rench are also $$$$$$$ s(o*en inthese countries$  A% initially B% intentionally C% wi ely'% oensively E% convincingly/2- 9hen he was ta*en to hos(ital# the octors eci e to $$$$$$$ on hi!straightaway to re!ove the &loo clot ro! his &rain$A% e,a!ine B% heal C% 3ualiy'% cure E% o(erate/4- An*ara is the ca(ital o Tur*ey# &ut the $$$$$$$ inancial an touristcentre is still stan&ul$A% !ain B% e,cellent C% (erect'% strong E% e,act/5-  a! not ha((y with the $$$$$$$  got or the &uil ing wor*$ 7! sure can in so!eone who will o it !ore chea(ly$A% guess B% esti!ateC% (re iction '% (ro(hecyE%orecast06- Twenty years ago# Tur*ey was $$$$$$$ an agricultural country# &ut to ay!ore than hal the (o(ulation lives in cities$A% occasionally B% (er!anently C% scarcely'% (ri!arily E% &arelyTEST YOUR VOCABULARY 11$ C )$ E +$ B $A /$C 0$' 2$A 4$E 5$' 16$B11$C 1)$A 1+$A 1$' 1/$E 10$C 12$C 14$B 15$A )6$')1$E ))$C )+$E )$B )/$B )0$A )2$' )4$B )5$C +6$A+1$B +)$' ++$' +$E +/$A +0$E +2$C +4$A +5$ B 6$B1$A )$C +$' $C /$B 0$A 2$A 4$' 5$E /6$C/1$C /)$B /+$E /$' //$' /0$C /2$E /4$A /5$B 06$'
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