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    Home > Student Resources > Chapter 1: Operations management > Multiple-choice questions > Chapter 1: Operations management Multiple-choice questions Try the following questions to test your knowledge of this chapter. After you have answered thequestions, click on 'Submit Answers for Grading' to get your results. 1 .  Which of the following functions is not a core function of an organisation? The product/service development function The operations function The accounting and finance function The marketing (including sales) function 2 .  Most operations produce a mixture of both products and services. Whichof the following businesses is closest to producing “pure” services?  A Restaurant IT company Steel company Counsellor/therapist 3 .  Operations can be classified according to their volume and variety of production as well as the degree of variation and visibility. Which of thefollowing operations would be classified as high volume, low variety?  A front office bank A family doctor  A fast food restaurant A carpenter  4 .  Which of the following activities is not a direct responsibility of operationsmanagement? Developing an operations strategy for the operation   Determining the exact mix of products and services that customerswill want Designing the operation’s products, services and processes Planning and controlling the operation 5 .  Operations can be classified according to the degree of variation indemand and visibility of the operation as well as their volume and varietyof production. Which of the following operations would be classified ashigh variation and high visibility?  A carpenter  A fast food restaurant A family doctor  A front office bank 6 .  Which of the following would not   normally be considered a generalcharacteristic of a service? Production and consumption are simultaneous Production and consumption can always be spatially separated Low contact services can often be made more efficient than highcontact services Many services involve both tangible and intangible outputs Production and sales cannot easily be separated functionally 7 .  Which of the following would not   be normally considered as a key featureof Operations Management? Operations is the area of a business where most people work Operations is the part of an organisation which creates wealth throughthe management of the transformation process World class Operations can give an organisation competitiveadvantage   Most new technology is implemented in Operations areas Operations researches mathematical techniques for optimisingprocesses 8 .  Which of the following is the least likely decision to be made byOperations Managers? How to use quality techniques to reduce waste Deciding which market areas to manufacture products for  Designing and improving the jobs of the workforce Selecting the location and layout of a facility How much capacity is required to balance demand  Answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded. Submit Answers for Grading   Clear Answers / Start Over    Copyright © 1995-2010, Pearson Education, Inc.   Legal and Privacy Terms


Jul 23, 2017
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