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    Home > Student Resources > Chapter 2: The strategic role and... > Multiple-choice questions > Chapter 2: The strategic role and... Multiple-choice questions Try the following questions to test your knowledge of this chapter. After you have answered thequestions, click on 'Submit Answers for Grading' to get your results. 1 .  Hayes and Wheelwright developed a four stage model to evaluate thecompetitive role and contribution of the operations function. An operationwhich is broadly up with the best in the industry is said to have achieved: Internally supportive Externally supportive External neutrality Internal neutrality 2 .  There are five basic performance objectives which apply to all types of operation. They are: Quality, speed, error-free, flexibility, price Quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, price Quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, cost Quality, speed, adaptability, flexibility, cost 3 .  One of the five basic performance objectives is speed. Speed has anumber of effects on the internal operation. It . . . increases inventories and increases risk reduces inventories and reduces risk increases inventories and reduces risk reduces inventories and increases risk 4 .  A company which specialises in high variety and the frequent introductionof new products/services would seek to primarily focus on which of theperformance objectives?   Quality Speed Flexibility Cost 5 .  An Operation that relies on repeat business would seek to primarily focuson which of the performance objectives? Quality Dependability Speed Flexibility 6 .  According to the Hayes and Wheelwright model, the increasing strategiccontributions of operations are: Internally non-contributive / externally non-contributive / internallystrategic / externally strategic Inwardly defensive / outwardly defensive / inwardly contributive /outwardly contributive Externally neutral / internally neutral / externally supportive / internallysupportive Defensive / contributive / supportive / manipulative Internally neutral / externally neutral / internally supportive / externallysupportive 7 .  Slack defines the Five Performance Objectives for Operations as: Cost / throughput / flexibility / cost / speed Transformation / quality / speed / dependability / flexibility Improvement / quality / flexibility / reliability / cost Quality / speed / dependability / flexibility / cost Quality / speed / dependability / accessibility / cost  8 .  Slack describes Operations as potentially having three strategic roleswithin an organisation. Which one is correct? Follower / supporter / driver  Decider / implementor / recipient Implementer / supplicant / follower  Implementer / supporter / driver  Follower / supporter / facilitator   Answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded. Submit Answers for Grading   Clear Answers / Start Over    Copyright © 1995-2010, Pearson Education, Inc.   Legal and Privacy Terms
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