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    Home > Student Resources > Chapter 7: Layout and flow > Multiple choice questions > Chapter 7: Layout and flow Multiple choice questions Try the following questions to test your knowledge of this chapter. After you have answered thequestions, click on 'Submit Answers for Grading' to get your results. 1 .  The lay out where the equipment, machinery, plant and people move asnecessary is known as: Fixed-position layout Product layout Cell layout Process layout 2 .  A supermarket is usually positioned as: Cell layout Product layout Process layout Fixed-position layout 3 .  A self-service cafeteria is usually positioned as: Process layout Product layout Fixed-position layout Cell layout 4 .  A process with high variety and low volume is likely to have a: Process layout Cell layout Fixed-position layout Product layout      B  r  a  s  s   S  e  a  r  c   h   A   d  s  5 .  Which of the following is not an advantage of a long-thin line? Controlled flow of materials or customers Higher mix flexibility Simple materials handling Lower capital requirements 6 .  Which of the following is usually considered a characteristic of a productor line layout? This layout can easily handle high variety but low volume This layout can easily handle high volume but low variety Transforming resources move to the work Transforming resources are costly to maintain This layout tends to be very flexible 7 .  A product layout: Moves resources to the place where the operation is to be carriedout  Allows a wide variety of products to be manufactured on the sameequipment Groups transforming resources into dedicated cells Involves locating the transforming resources entirely for theconvenience of the transformed resources Is appropriate for low volume operations 8 .  Cell layouts typically:  Are dominated by the transforming resources Locate transforming resources entirely for the convenience of thetransformed resources Are the most efficient form of process layout   Involve all the operations on a product being located adjacent toeach other  Cost more to run than other types of process layout 9 .  Which of the following is not usually considered a characteristic of a fixedposition layout? Fixed position layouts are often used for large or delicate products or services Fixed position layouts are able to offer high flexibility Transforming resources often move to the work The recipient of the process or the work being undertaken remain inthe same place Transforming resources are grouped in cells 10 .  A company has fixed costs of £200,000 per annum. It costs £3.50 tomake each of its products. At what price would the company have to sellits products to give a break-even volume of 50,000 units? £7.50 £7.00 £8.25 £4.50 £8.00 11 .  A company has fixed costs of £300,000 per annum. It costs £5.50 tomake each of its products. At what price would the company have to sellits products to give a break-even volume of 20,000 units? £16.00 £20.00 £18.50 £20.50 £17.25  12 .  If the manufacturing cost of a product is $4.25, and the fixed overhead of the company is $23,000 per annum, what would the selling price have tobe with a break-even volume of 14,000 units? $8.12 $5.89 $5.53 $4.89 $5.27 13 .  A bank intends to offer its financial services via the Internet. Customerswith a personal computer and modem can request a transaction at anytime. The bank needs to lease the equipment needed at an annual costof £15,000. Each transaction costs the bank £0.56p. It plans to chargecustomers £0.75p for each transaction regardless of size. In order for theservice to break even, how many customers must access the systemeach year? 106,357 78,947 48,797 63,127 195,647 14 .  Some of the bank’s staff believe that just as many customers will use thesystem if the transaction charge is raised to £1. At what volume wouldthe service then break even? 236,954 34,091 12,110 24,726 31,912


Jul 23, 2017
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