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Embedded Remote Monitoring Web Server

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  Embedded remote monitoringweb server  introduced by Abdullah Yahya YassenAbdullah Yahya Jabr Supervisor :Eng : Haya Sama3nehDr.aed al!adiDr. luai malheesEng :su ian samara  #here are many applications that wor$ on remote monitoring  but the problem with it is the distance o the monitor or how its hard to get live in ormation about the monitored thing and the way o giving it commands to do .#here are many pro%ects that wor$ed on remote monitoring and also many protocols written or that li$e S&'( but lets see )each o these pro%ects need many resource to wor$ e.g. the machine has to have the S&'( client on it so that S&'( can control it . and i we use a computer with S&'( protocol or enter net connection and that computer is used or monitor or control a machine or any thing else then the computer is a big resource .So that we thought in building a hardware so simple put e icient and also can wor$ on Ether net and that re!uired a lot o wor$ and search.#he (ro%ect: *e decides to ma$e a embedded web server that will monitor and save power consumption o 3 rooms and save and shows the status o each room li$e the temperature o the each one+ and to light the room when there is a course given inside it and the status o the rooms will be stored in an html pages in side the hardware and o course any one that have permeations to see the status o therooms he can easily open its ,- and see or con igure the status o the rooms and when it should be on or o and or that the hardware will ta$e the time and date rom the computer that is connected to the hardware and opening the html pages.(ro%ect esources :  As we say that the pro%ect will wor$ on the ether net so it have to understand the #(/0( stac$ and to unction what needed rom its protocols .1or that there e2ists a power ul controller called the #-456AS put the problem with this controller is its pins due to it7s a mount sur ace so that will be hard to deal with it also the #(/0( stac$ will be installed in side it already .8ther controller is the E&5J94 this controller under stand the physical and 'ac layers and then the controller puts the ramesready on the transmit bu er to be sent to the hardware that understand the rest o the #(/0( stac$ ) and this hardware has to have a good memory space to handle the #(0( codes and also towor$ e iciently with the stac$ and or that we choosed the (0; <954 .#he hardware that is used in the pro%ect:J<=: all o us $now it .its an ether net %ac$ and it need to be inter aced with a small circuit that handle the de erential modulation o the ether net transmitting + or that we used a ready J<= module that has a build in di erentiation handler circuit +this J<= is called bel 4;4>;22;>43 that also has two leds both can be use to show the status o the networ$ .E&5J94 : Ether net controller that gets the rames rom theEther net and send it via an S(0 inter ace to the responsible hardware this controller can be programmed via a S(0 inter ace by giving it the 'A and 0( addresses . this controller needs an 5= 'H? crystal to operate and it gives an connection o ;4 'bps connection .but there is a problem with the E& that is the wor$ing voltage it wor$s on 3.3@ so its outputs have to be she ted to be 4 or ; or that we use the <-;5= try stat bu er to ma$e  shi ting or the outputs to be e2actly = volts also to cobble the serial eeprom rom the E& so the E& can send data and the SEE(8' will ever harm the output and also the E& cant a ect the SEE(8' +why #his will be shown later. (0;1<954 : power ul controller with Bcode memoryC 9<$ 1lash+ <$ ram +;$ eeprom at = volts power supply these capabilitiesserve the ability o processing the #(/0( stac$ and also it has = 0/8 ports ;5bit adc with  chanels we used that controller with a ;4'h? crystal and the cloc$ circuit in side the (0 can multiply the input re!uency by < i we enable the (-- so at a crystal o ;4'H? the (0 will wor$ at <4'H? as an internally wor$ing re!uency . DS;345: serial real time cloc$ that we used to get the time or the pro%ect+#his 0 wor$s on 359 H? with two power supplies one is the usual one the other on is used as an temporary source when the irst supplier is disconnected this 0 store the date as a D data inside it so when writing or reading to/ rom it we have to convert the data rom D to $now how to dealwith it. .(0;91 : now i we will read the # and the adc7s and serve the #(/0( this will produce some error due to the delay that may be produced or that we used the (0;9 %ust to read the # then send its value bac$ to (0; so that will reduce the amount o time .5=c5=9: serial EE(8' that wor$ on a very high speed at ;4'H? S(0 inter ace +this 0 is used as an e2ternal storage to storethe web pages in it and the S(0 can serve the re!uests o the (0 so ast+ so the delay is minimi?ed when the pages re!uested rom the client side .

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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