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  8-Nov-14 Electromagnetic Induction  8-Nov-14 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Electromagnetic Induction Voltage is induced whether the magnetic field of a magnet moves near a stationary conductor or   the conductor moves in a stationary magnetic field.  8-Nov-14 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Demo : Magnet Induces Current Voltage is induced when a magnet moves towards or away from a coil, inducing a current in the coil. Faster the magnet’s motion, the greater the induced current. Note: Do this in lab too.  8-Nov-14 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Magnetic Recording Write data by magnetizing recording media (e.g., video tape, hard disk) using electromagnets. Data is read back using the induced current produced when magnetized media moves past receiver coils (reverse of writing data). Hard disk
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