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  Prepared by:NOOR SUHAINI BINTI IBRAHIM (823388)Prepared for :PROF MADYA.DR. IZAM BIN GHAZALI  INTRODUCTION  – KNOWLEDGE OF LEARNER  – EMPIRICAL KNOWLEDGE  – story 1  – Role of empirical knowledge  – story 2  – Role of empirical and subject knowledge involved  – Case study M elanie’s poetry lesson  – Discussion on case study 2   – COGNITIVE KNOWLEDGE  – Generic knowledge of child development  – Theories of child development  – Specific Knowledge of particular group of learner  – Types of particular leaners  – Pupils record Pupils record/ baseline assessment-Formal and informal  – Information from commercially available text such as NFER  – Information gathered from informal assessment in the day to day work of the teacher  – Case study 7  – Case study 8 3   – KNOWLEDGE OF EDUCATIONAL CONTEXT  – Classroom context ã Characteristic of classroom context ã Case study 9 ã Case study 10 ã Differences between case study 9 and case study 10  – School context ã Case study 11  – Community and society context 4

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Apr 16, 2018

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Apr 16, 2018
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